Good Trade?

This guy on CL wants to trade a Fosgate Sinature Phono Amp for my Project Tube box SE 2. Good deal or what?
I don't know how either of them sounds, but isn't that Fosgate a $2500.00 item? Seems like you are at least getting the better deal economically. I believe that would buy about three or so Projects!
I have seen a tone of lightly used Fosgate Phonos up for sale..There has to be a reason..My guess is they do not sound the way they are expected to sound and many sell for that reason..Thats not saying they don't sound great,but my guess is they sound different than expected..Just a guess on my part..........
He actually wants me to
throw in a used"MMF-7"to seal the deal.
First off,you really do not know how it will sound .He obviously is not happy with it or he would not be selling it..By doing the trade he is asking,you may end up in the same position as him ( also without your MMF-7 ) ...Sounds to me like too much risk for you to take........