Good Time to be a metal fan with a turntable

What a great time it is to be a metal fan. In the past two months I have picked up Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets remastered at 45 rpm, Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same re-done by Jimmy Page,Iron Maiden Somewhere Back in Time: 1980-1989, Ac/DC Let There Be Rock, Rush Permanent Waves re-mastered(with Moving Pictures coming out in the fall), amd The Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bullocks(yeah I know they we're technically punk but this album should be in any metal heads collection).

So my question is what would you guys like to see re-issued?

I know for myself I would like to see re-issues of the first two Ozzy albums, and Judas Priest-Screaming for Vengeance.
Motorhead (some of the early ones), Slayer (Reign in Blood, South of Heaven, and Seasons in the Abyss). Not metal, but some Thin Lizzy reissues would be nice. Now that I think about I think some of the above have actually been reissued (esp. Motorhead).

Have they reissued Motorhead? I'll have to check it out. I know Reign In Blood was re-released on Lp

What about early Megadeth(especially the first album)?
Ozzy, Thin Lizzy, Motorhead, Megadeath all remastered.

We've been holding our breath.

I guess there is a God.
You Motorhead fans will love this

I love it. 666 copies!!!!
As a side note- I caught Motorhead live, opening for Dio.
The worst live performance ever (Motorhead), by far.
Outrageously loud, impossible to make-out any lyrics, or music for that matter. I had to leave after about 10 minutes. Came back for Dio- light years ahead.
I cannot possibly understand, how anyone could be a fan!!!
Just my opinion.

Doesn't all the Metal music sound like that?

MegaDeath. Makes me want to go out and buy the LP and play it real loud and fill my house up with lots of DEATH.

Enjoy the HM music with a message.

"Metal" as it were, came a bit after my time. However as a teen I was a fan of Black Sabbath (don't ask me why but it had something to do with Tony Iommi's guitar sound which I used to call "the wall of electricity").
From the 70's I'd like to see:
Deep Purple - Machine Head, and Who Do We Think We Are
Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs, For Earth Below
Black Sabbath - Volume 4
Journey - Look into the Future (1st Journey, before pop sound)
Bad Co - ?
Van Halen 1st
UFO -?
maybe something by Hawkwind?
>>MegaDeath. Makes me want to go out and buy the LP and play it real loud and fill my house up with lots of DEATH.<<

Gives you a real appreciaton for gangster rap doesn't it?
AudioFeil International: let's hear about your favorite music now, since that's what this thread should have been about in the first place.

Xiekitchen and other Sabbath fans - Earmark records (Italy) has re-released much of the Black Sabbath catalog on 180gm vinyl, I have several of them and they're well worth it. Quiet, good quality vinyl and nice packaging. Easily available in US and not expensive. Hawkwind - wouldn't that be nice, it's hard enough to even find many of their releases on CD!

I agree with the OP, there has been much to celebrate lately in hard rock/metal on the vinyl front, and also live in concert - Heaven and Hell(Dio-lineup Sabbath), Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Rush are all engaged in top-quality tours - I've seen all of them lately and they are at the top of their game.
Audeiofeil, you got it dead on.

Glory, go listen to NWA's Straight Outta that's some "filling your house with DEATH", and we're not talkin' Heavy Metal Devil and Demons "DEATH". We're talkin' real life, glorification of "DEATH" So strap up your gat, let's go on a hoot ride, and pull a 187 on some punk ass bitchs. :)

Xiekitchen, Machine Head and Black Sabbath Volume 4 have been reissued and are available.

The only reason I didn't put Black Sabbath(the originators of real heavy metal) on the list is because all of their albums have been re-released on 180g LP's. Same for AC/DC.
I'm really partial to the older metal groups such as:

The Starlight Vocal Band
1910 Fruitgum Company
The Archies
Ohio Express
The Lemon Pipers
The Royal Guardsmen

They represent the very essence and intellect of your metal bands.

Rock on bro.
I would love to see Aesma Daeva's second album on LP.

Some of the early Therion could be reissued too.
What added subtlety or nuance is to be gained in heavy metal re-issues? Can the re-issues be any better than the original releases?

Frankly, it seems like tossing $50 bills into the Grand Canyon.
Doesn't all the Metal music sound like that?
I don't think it does. On occasion (which is becoming increasingly rare) I do listen to classic rock and some metal. My position on classics, like led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, etc. is no different, that everybody else's here.
The "newer" groups, like Iron Maiden and Metallica are kind of OK, but I could never include Motorhead in the same company.
Live shows- it's a different subject. Sound quality for the most part is horrible, and that would include shows I attended- Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead.
On the other hand, if every live sound engineer could master a sound like Jethro Tull, Mark Knopfler, James Blunt, or even Rolling Stones, that would be a "whole 'nother story".
I do believe, that many of the rock musicians and their sound engineers are actually deaf after many years of being exposed to dBs.
I saw Metallica a few years ago in LA...maybe 2005? The sound was excellent, much to my pleasant surprise.
I agree, I saw them in Philadelphia around 1997- great sound.
This year Iron Maiden- HORRIBLE.
I saw Metallica in '86 opening for Ozzy. They blew him away. They we're incredible. I also saw the in'89 for the Monsters of Rock show. They we're better than anyother bank there.

Yes there is a big difference between the original Master of Puppets and the 5 rpm re-issue. There are subtleties in the interplay between the two guitars that you can't hear on the original. Also, it just sounds more "live". Same goes for Ride the Lightning.
OK. Rock on.

I'd like to see "Toys in the Attic" and "Rocks" issued on 45 rpm.
I would like to see RUSH Hemispheres, Kings X Faith Hope Love and finally Steve Vai Sex and Religion.


It's so funny I just bought "Toys in the Attic" on CD and I was wishing that they would re-issue it on LP.

Van Halen I being released September 9 2008. Not really a metal band but hey it's Eddie Van Halen.
Not really metal but - alice cooper billion dollar babies and kiss destroyer on 45 RPM!

Oh God I forgot about Alice Cooper. Actually I do consider them metal. Billion Dollar Babies is a classic. In fact all of the early ones should be re-released.
Let's see we have HM:

unrighteousness,drugs,foul language,rebellion against authority,death and on and on and on..

Sounds like the evening news put to a loud and distorted, dare I say, music.

Do any of you HM Headbangers know where all this darkness originated from?
Do any of you HM Headbangers know where all this darkness originated from?
Glory (System | Threads | Answers)
Could it be...

How my friend Earl (the Master of Metal Mahem) put it is that if you are not laughing (because of how retarded it all is), you don't get it. Its all theater.
You know what they say..."If you have to explain the joke, then..."

Are you a fundametalist Christian?
Metal is the audio version of WWF.

Fundametalist I am not (pun intended).

I lived and slept with this Dark side for some time and made an exit back in the 70's.

Fact or Fiction:

The story goes that an angel named Lucifer was created as a musical instument. He had within himself tambourines (rhythm), pipes (wind), and stringed instuments. His duties were that of conducting worship and praise in heaven to the Father and His Son.

He was found with pride and rebellion in his heart and was relieved of his duties. "Your Pomp is brought down to Sheol and the sound of your stringed instuments. The maggot is spread under you and worms cover you. Oh how you have fallen from heaven, Lucifer son of the morning."

He was labeled by the Son of Man as the one who comes to kill, steal and destroy. He is very skilled with music and the writing of it. His theme is that of rebellion, hate death, fear etc.... HM music with a message.

To me HM music has the smell of all the characteristics of this story about Lucifer.

Fact or fiction you decide.

Good answer TVAD.

That was a good hee haw.
Has anyone done a comparison of the sound of the LPs in the Metallica 180-gram Vinyl Box Set vs the 45rpm re-issues?

I have to agree with Maril555 on Motorhead in concert. I saw them a few years back at 1st Ave in Mpls with Anthrax and they were so loud and distorted that I left half way through their set. I was glad Anthrax went on before, because they sounded pretty good sonically (for a metal band), plus they are one of my favorite metal bands.

I have both the Metallica boxed sets and the new re-issues. The re-issues are better. I wouldn't say they are night and day better, but they are certainly a big improvement.
Angel City, Max Webster, Savatage...
Just came home from Jethro Tull 40 Anniversary Tour show-
that's how every event should sound like in terms of sound quality. Performance was absolutely electrifying.
Yeah but Jethro Tull aren't metal so they don't count. :)

Do you guys remember that year they one best heavy metal band at the Grammy's? I mean WTF. I mean that's like saying George Bush Jr. is a Nobel Laureate.
I don't think metal bands really have to adapt much lower standards of sound reproduction, just because "they are metal". That's like saying- metal fans must suffer listening to their favorite music (it's plenty of suffering even without the artrocious sound quality)

You totally lost me on your reply. What are you talking about?

First off I saw a lot of metal bands during the 80's and they sounded amazing. Second some metal bands albums didn't sound great because they didn't have a lot of money. A perfect example is Ride the Lightning. That is why the re-issue is so great.

All I was saying is this post is about metal and I don't consider Jethro Tull a metal band.
What I meant to say is this- to me music is music, no matter the genre, hence I do apply the same standards to everyone.
Classic rock, metal, hard rock, "big-hair rock", grange, punk rock- all these "classifications" sound a tad artificial to me.
Whether one makes good music, or doesn't- that's all that matters.
I've been trying to get my point across to my nephew and his friend, who would not listen to anything, but metal, but has not been succesful so far.
I honestly listened to many samples of current metal bands, and had to throw away quite a few of CD-Rs- literally.
"Metal is the audio version of WWF"- I'm with Audiofeil on this one.

A. I agree with what you are saying. My collection includes rock, jazz, classical, funk, country, blue grass etc.

B. I don't think that is a fair thing to say about Metal. There are a lot of garbage metal bands(and I agree about the new ones), but there are/were a lot of talented ones as well like Metallica. Saying they are like the "WWF" is insulting to what they have done musically.
OK, I'd give you that- they are not all alike, but the limitations of the genre do limit the range of the musical ideas to be expressed by an artist.

Yes that's true. The metal bands that I really liked when I was growing up were not of the hair band variety. Bands like Iron Maiden, and Rush from 1980-1982 really did interesting things within the context of the genre.

The Hair Band stuff was all garbage in my opinion.
"Metal is the audio version of WWF"

Different strokes for different folkes.
I agree - If you have to explain the joke, then you're telling it to the wrong crowd.

Any genre impose limitations - it is when you cross genres that music becomes 'not so sound alike'.

People who don't understand a certain genre always have that same comment - 'it all sound alike...'...

I listen to all kind of genres (because I am an audiophile and hence like to listen to the sound as much as the music sometimes, to see what my system can do etc...)...not so much blues and country, but jazz and classical and folk...granted, progressive and hard rock most of the time!

By the way - when I check out the new country music, much of it sounds exactly like a watered down southern hard rock a la molly hatchet etc to me...

Everyone that enjoys metal should check out Judas Priest Nostradamus deluxe set (Best Buy only) with three GOOD SOUNDING (IMHO) LPs as well as the 2 CD's (expensive but...)...

Oh, well - I am heading back to the 'POWER CABLE SWAMP' where I belong (I am trying to figure out which PC will make the least damage in my wallet while optimizing performance in my system...)...

Have a marvelous day!
but the limitations of the genre do limit the range of the musical ideas to be expressed by an artist.

Limitations of the genre??? You are showing your ignorance of the entire genre. I would say it is one of the most dynamic types of music in terms of artists going beyond the bounds of the norm. Going further outside the box than the last guy to create sounds that have not been explored. Totally the opposite of your statement IMHO...
Would you like to give a few examples maybe? I'd like to hear " artists going beyond the bounds of the norm. Going further outside the box than the last guy to create sounds that have not been explored"
I do understand the genre, I've been listening to rock/metal (among other styles) for close to 35 years- that's why I'm saying what I'm saying about the limitations of the genre. Comes with age, I guess.
BTW, got "Nostradamus"- not very impressed.
If I may to suggest, when you have a chance, listen to Backdoor Slam- very fresh and nicely done, just one example.
Is Back Door Slam the three piece blues band, ala Cream, Hendrix, SRV, that is currently on tour?

If so, I played a performance of theirs from the Jimmy Kimmel show. Good performance, but "been-there-heard-that" many times before by better artists. Nothing fresh from my my point of view.

Dream Theater, Pantera. Each started out as a different type of band and both progressed to a musical style that was not present in the market at the time. Pantera was an avg 80's glam band when they started out. A quality band but definately wrapped up in the Sunset Strip scene. They pushed their music to a style that not only seperated them from the scene but pushed the envelope to be one of the major influences of the mid 90's nu metal, hard core scene. Dream Theater- they brought Prog. metal to a whole new level. Their musicianship is one of the, if not the most talented bands around. Again, just my opinion.

I listen to alot of different types of music. Jazz, classical, classic rock, not just metal. I don't think lumping the entire metal genre into a statement like that is ridiculous...IMHO
Yes, that's the one- it's not anything new stylistically, but they do sound "fresh" in a sense of attitude and lack of commercialism. Very spontaneous and honest and not calculated, as opposed to Judas Priest "Nostradamus", and IMHO Dream Theater, which to me sounds 100% calculated, artificial and forced. They are good technically, but as many times, as I tried to listen to DT, couldn't get pass through 10-15 min. Same goes for Porcupine Tree. Sorry.
BTW, I can hardly place Dream Theater in metal category.
When I say metal, I really mean Pantera, Anthrax, Motorhead Slayer, etc.