GOOD THINGS Happen, when you don't expect it...

Let me share my weird experience, 3 weeks ago, I Realise I have not played my Norh 9.0 for almost 2 years, this are Biwire, I decided to just connected my anticables 8ft $60 on the bass, then I connect the clear day shotgun 6ft, on the right speakers (high) then I connected homemade speakers cables 8ft on the left (high) my only porpuse is so they don’t get rusty, amp is plinius sa100, SACD player marantz 8005, ic lectraline , pc virtual dynamic x2, audience powerchord, preamp audio research, this is my 2nd system.After 3 days, I notice the music coming out from this speakers, I was being blown away, it sounds naturally close to live...I was shocked, this is not suppose to work, one of my friend can’t believe it either...what you guys think?is it luck?
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Yes, it feels like good things happen when we don’t have a lot of "high expectation" bias. When we are building our system(s), we hyper-analyze each component, cable, tube, sample rate, isolation feet, plug, etc. Lots of pressure and expectation which can take the fun out of the experience. Then we hear a song on our car radio that brings back the emotion we miss with our home systems. :D Kinda makes ya go hmm.. I have put a back up amp into service (Llano S-200) recently while I am having some updating done on my main amp and preamp; and I had forgotten how great it sounds. Another example of - Its a good feeling when....
..sounds like you have the basic anti's (the top ones are better)....but if you want to really improve....Clear Day's (double shotgun are even better) would be your goal.  I suspect that you are getting greatly increased information from your system from the better cables, and biwire.
Keith you are right, Stringgreen yes I have the basic anti cable.Yes the clear day  shotgun are good, biwire does works on this set up.BUT DID you guys NOTICE they don't have the same length...

Clear Day cables to me did not sound like real music.....hmmmm  not my cup of tea.  I have listened to ; Anti Cables and thought for the money they had a real nice clarity to them. As with all cables, it is whatever sounds good to you and what your system likes. Yes, those are nice enjoyable times I this hobby.      
Garebear I totally agree with you, this is the best time to enjoy this hobby, technology improve and there a lot of good choices, like Elac B6 it's less than $300 but it sounds good, cables improves too, if you know what you are doing you can put up a good system for less than 3k....
Just about anything is possible, just look at who is president now. (Apologies to all who I just offended, I couldn't help myself.) However my experiences with mixing cables, primarily interconnects have never been a benefit.
Maybe you hit the audio lottery.
Yikes, I just reread the OP's title. Looks like I botched up my last post.
Again my apologies to all.
Ipretiring no apology at least you express your made me laugh though😀 Free speech..

Same experience here.   I’ve got one pair of speaker cables (1.5m long) that has great dynamics but is slightly on the lean side.  Another pair (2.5m long) that offers nice body but is slightly on the warm side.   Why not experiment?   My amp and speakers only have single pairs of posts for each channel.   So, I connected both pair via bananas and bare wire.   Voila!   The best of both worlds!   Since my system is hi-res, I was expecting some kind of timing issue.   None that I can hear.   No diffuse sound.   Crisp and clean.   It sounds pretty good to me.
Steakster you are right,why not try.Honestly I thought it would only work on Biwire, wow , Works on single too.i believe on good quality cables, what happen sometimes it's pure matching, and luck.

I agree with you lpretiring, anything is possible.  Can you believe people elected a man for President who had no relevant experience, based on a slogan, "Hope and Change," no details given?  Now that would be funny if so many people hadn't died as a result.

jactoy,  Audio is funny.  No matter how much you read, you never know what will happen when you connect something to your system.

...there's so many variables involved that falling into a 'happy state' with one's choices of equipment and the interconnects 'twixt them is literally 'luck of the draw'.   That, and one's perception of what's heard in the given space it's in makes the whole shebang similar to the 'random walk' in physics...

I'm just happy for you that 'you've arrived'.  Now...just leave it alone and enjoy it. ;)  As is said, "Just step away and don't touch it."
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Tomc6 I agree with you, and he wants 7 more years, Asvjerry Iam leaving it alone.Iam enjoying it fully....

What Iam learning on this system with different length, different brand of speaker cables, first is purely luck and blessing, balance between wires, to tell you fellow agoners, this set up sound and
musicality is way better than my Andra I set up...
This Norh speakers I did rewire them with Siltech.iam using peachtree dac, Cambridge transport cxc, digital cable silverstare with HF adapter, Plinius sa100 amp, audio research preamp, siltech Paris ic, MIT ic...VD nite pc.iam using sub wharfadale as well....

I decided there must really be something that I don't know regarding using different cables, ok this morning, I replaced one of the power cord of my musical fidelity monoblock amp, fromMIT to Pangea, Result, more dynamics , more balance, Icant believe it, but it works, on Friday I will use different speaker cables on the left side of the Andra.see what happen..,,

Onother blessings happen again, I connected my norh monoblock ,for 12 years , no music was played on them , I decided to connect them using MIT interconnect for maybe $60 1.5 m. , using Technics SB 700 speakers ,to my surprise this speakers, did sound live and it feels you are in the event, even with your eyes are open, the norh monoblock did match well than my favorite SA100 plinius amp....on this system Iam using...njoe tube marantz CD player, luminous audio ic, speaker cable clear day regular, Ps audio conditioner, power cables Z cord MIT , DCCA power cables....Iam glad I like to keep old gears.See What happen?

jayctoy, you will find a lot of discovery and joy by actually trying things, as opposed to the audiophile who lets preconceptions block such activity. That is why I have said for years that the greatest impediment to building an audiophile system is the audiophile!

I had to smile when I read your comment, "I decided there must really be something that I don't know regarding using different cables, ok this morning, I replaced one of the power cord of my musical fidelity monoblock amp, fromMIT to Pangea, Result, more dynamics , more balance, Icant believe it, but it works, on Friday I will use different speaker cables on the left side of the Andra.see what happen..,," and I thought, "Well, of course!"

It seems you have been a cable skeptic, or at least a power cord skeptic for a while now. So, how does it feel to discover that all the time power cords confer a very noticeable difference, and you were missing out on it by refusing to try? Some guys get upset that they have been resistant for decades, only to find out later in the game that cables made such a difference. They have to accept the fact that for no other reason than their stubbornness they have heard closer to mediocre sound versus what they can get when they work with cables. Thankfully, I conducted comparisons about three decades ago and have had a lot of experience with real world changes to sound with cables.

If you really want to hear what cables can do, work with sets of them. If you are impressed by what one power cord can do, and I understand perfectly your description of it, then consider how much change can happen when sets are compared!

Congratulations on actually trying it. Now you will have the ability to get much more out of your audio system. Now you are on your way to building a better audiophile rig.  :)

Discovery is a wonderful thing!

Doug I have been a believer with cables, I know expensive cables make big difference only if they match, Actually I was told that rotating your cables to experiment. The cables I tried I just put them aside for a long time,because I upgrade to more expensive one, those cables they perfectly match one of my system, the music Iam hearing is Live without the performers, On my main systems, I connected my Norh Leamp just so to reburn in them again, an hour later I can't believe what I am hearing from my technics SB 700 speakers,Live but you are in the event, without the physical performers, You are right This discovery thought me a lot of lesson in audio.Never underestimates the cheap ones,But Iam still interested to try Teo ,Reveal ,CT graphene ic...Doug Thanks
Doug I respect those who can't hear the differrence on cables, I also feel sorry for them, How can you even build a good system if you can't hear the differrence.Doug look how many cables new cables with excellent review to enjoy, Example Teo, High fidelity, Cerious Tech graphene. At this time I don't even want to touch both of my systems, but after Axpona I will audition this cables....
Doug I do have this speakers to experiment as well Andra 1, Diapason Adamantes, Technics SB700, ELAc b6, wharfadale 10.1 and10.2, Norh 9.0 marble, pioneer sb 21 and 22.i used to have Martin Logan are right experiment helps a lot, with an open mind.

jayctoy, ah, very good. It seems you went from a "purpose applied" cable perspective to a "check it out and see," perspective. There are many cables marketed as specifically for certain applications, i.e. power cords for amps, etc. (not meaning different plugs such as 20A), but more the suggestion that the cord is most ideallys suited to power amps or digital devices, etc.

Through rotating cables I have found those distinctions to be fairly useless. Sure, a heavier gauge cable theoretically should service an amp better, but will it sound better than a competitors? No one can tell you - unless they try it on different gear.

My discovery many years ago and my recommendation is that audiophiles rotate the cabling, trying all Interconnects and all power cords in all possible configurations. That is the only way to find the optimum  system performance. There are many audiophiles who think they have great sound, but are not so close to their system's potential.

Doug my friend who mentor me, warn me to experiment is a lot of work.Doug if you are going to Axpona this year, I would love to meet you and even invite you to listen to both of my system.i only live 35 minutes from Westin where the venue, I think I saw you there once...Doug I like reading your reviews, they are open minded, and I could feel your passion as well...I hate analytical reviews, where reviewers showcase their intellect than the gear or cables to be review.I agree many audiophiles have not maximize their gear, because they did not have the patience to listen, to wait till cables and gear to settle down, many times they blame the cables and gear, there is no shortcut in this hobby, can you imagine the Cerious cables you have to wait 3daysor maybe more if you move them ,for the cables to settle? So Doug my invitation is open, Just let me know what food you like....
jayctoy, that is a kind invitation! I do plan on being at AXPONA this year. Feel free to send me a message via the system here.
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