good tabletop radio

Someone asked me about a good all-in-one tabletop radio. This is not really an aspect of gear I know about. But I know there has to be something out there other than the bose wave radio that I can recommend. But specifically, no minisystems, (speakers must be attached), need built in CD and preferably one aux input. ANd a similar price would be nice. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Henry Kloss makes one that meets your requirements (including aux. input). It is marketed by Cambridge Sound Works for $299 (if you make a Toys for Tots donation). I personally haven't heard anything about it. Here's a link--
BTW, here's a review of a bunch of table radio/cd units from the Setember 2000 issue of PC magazine. This article covers the Bose and CSW radios.,2997,s%253D1720%2526a%253D12588,00.asp

The Cambridge Works is okay, but there really is only one king and that is the Proton table radio called simply The Table Radio. Very solidly built with internal amplification of woofer/tweeter. 20w woof/5w tweet. Full Schotz FM tuner circuitry and very solid cabinetry. Also is analogue tuning. Preamp out to use as a tuner/preamp with a standing amplifier. Tape in/out loop. Use the Magnum Dynalabs antenna and you will be amazed. Place on lead filled 24" stands for best results.

I traveled with one in Europe, sold it and found another. With the amplified slave speaker it is quite formible. Original cost in 1983 was $500, so this is no toy. It will image, provide detail and basically blow anything in this category away. I would place it against my current travel system of NAD L-40 with NHT SuperZeros. Find one used with aux speaker for around $250. Good luck.
if you can accept mono, try trivoli audio. its am/fm, very good reception and cost about $100. i purchased mine thru audio advisor.
I think "Listener" magazine ran an article on a tabletop radio that was a Bose beater, like that takes much. The up side is that it had a retail of $100.00 USD. Does anyone remember seeing this?

Also, does anyone have experience with the CC radio? I've heard about it on various AM radio talk stations, but haven't heard one. They claim to have the best AM voice clarity.
Tivoli is incredible $99
I have a CCRadio. The CC radio is OK, but for 100 bucks less the GE Super Radio III sounds much better, but granted it is analog and AM/FM only. The CC radio has TV and weather bands and clock-radio functions if that is of interest to you, but no aux inputs. Neither does the GE. But I'd agree the king is the Proton Model 300/301 which I also have.
what about the old Proton (NAD) "The Radio"
that was bi-amped and with Shotz tuning