good subwoofer interconnects

Would like to hear recommendations on good subwoofer interconnects.

Thanks in advance for suggestions and comments....
My subwoofer ICs are 18' long (2). I was very skeptical at first, but I tried the Monster Home Theater cables for subs (good deal - $24/cable onsale). I must say I am very happy with the outcome. Also, look at for a great quality cable(s) fora good price. I use their Kingcats ICs for my pre-to-amp. These replace Straightwire Maestros.
First, most subs belong near the inside edge of the main speaker, though some distance back. One has to experiment.

This reduces the length of cable considerably, and thus resolves a lot of signal loss issues.

Since your sub is not powered, you get get a separate amp and run a long interconnect instead, or if you move the sub as per my suggestion, then a short one
So far this is the best I can find for my 2Wq's. I like that it has some silver(sub-3)
Well the link didn't work, look up Audioquest Sub-3 subwoofer cable
The Zu Disco is fabulous in conjunction with my Zu Mini Method subs.
I have used the Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 sub interconnect for years with great success. This is a 30 foot run, no hum, no interference. It is at least cheap to try, with a no question return policy. If you don't like it, return it for a full refund.
I will agree on the Audioquest sub-3 I use it on my Mirage bpss-210 it gave it good bass definition
I am going to look into some of these suggestions for good subwoofer interconnects. I personally need 2 6' runs, 1 for each sub ( I am using a separate older Velodyne uld-12 for each speaker. These sub interconnects are coming out of a velodyne crossover box. Surprisingly I can easily notice the difference between a a monster cable interlink 400 MarkII (more lower end bass but very muddy, blurry and undefined from the deep to the mid bass base region), and some older Audioquest Turquoise interconnects (very thin and none existence at the bottom but cleaner and tighter at the mid bass region). Neither is acceptable as I know there must be a surprisingly good budget sub cable "2 meters" that will me give me somewhat defined deep bass that the Velodyne is capable and articulate clean satifying lower midbass. What I mean by budget is $75/cable or less. I use custom cables through my source and amp-preamp connections and they are clean from top to bottom without bloat or deep bass when I tryed them but they need to stay put and I think I can do better in the deep bass region.

Thanks for your input.
The Zu Disco's that I mentioned earlier proved notably superior to all the other unused cables I had lying about(not many, but some highly regarded for conventional use). I forgot to mention that these (Zu Disco) were the cable Zu recommended for use with their own subwoofers.
I use Blue Jeans cable LC-1's. I have tried several other solutions but these work really well. Really, really well.