Good Subwoofer Amp

I have a decent system, I run 4 high box satellite speakers that are built with very high Dynaudio drivers, electronics etc. I also have 2 custom built subs, both closed system design. One running a custom 15" driver that cuts of 16db per oct at 40hz, and a 12" sub that handles from about 30hz to 250hz.

Anyway I have a pair of 7270 McIntosh amps to run the high end, and use a C-39 preamp. I was using a Carver 350 watt a channel amp bridged to run the subs. Well after 15 years it has decided to go south. What would you guys recommend as a good bass driving amp that does obviously need the clarity of a high end amp to drive the high frequencies, yet has a lot of punch . I need at least about 250 watts at 8ohm , 400 into 4ohms, or a decent 500 watt mono block, or amp with a lot of headroom that runs cool.

I would lost something that is not a bank breaker in terms of cost. I am very aware of many high end amps that would fit the ticket. But what is the feedback on an Adcom or similar amp?

Thanks everyone!
Try Bryston 7b or 9b. The sst versions if you can find and afford as well.
I would consider a few different amps.

The Parasound HCA-2200 is an unbelievable amp for subs, loads of power and current! The other would be the Citation 7.1.

Both are in the sub $800 range, and both are great stereo amps, that also push subs quite well.

The other RARE option, would be the Soundstream amps, the DA-1, and DA-2. The 1, if I recall, is only about an inch and half tall, high current, loads power, and FABULOUS amps.
Those, if found, sell for less than $300!

I had always thought that Subs and Bass drivers are the easiest loads to drive.

I have a set of speakers coming that I can Tri-amp and have been trying to figure out what might be the best and most cost effective amps to use.

For the bottom end I ideally would go for an amp that has a high Damping factor rating.

In the past I thought that Adcom got things correct in the Bass department.There was or is a set of Muse's on Agon that would also fit the bill.The reveiws I have read where positive results in the Bass department are as follows:


There must be more!
Does anyone out there have a Parasound HCA 3500 or a 2500II for sale or have any feedback on these amps?

Check into Crown or QSC pro amps. They will drive any sub all night long and beg for more. Some models do have fans but they are generally very quiet. Good luck!
I use a Bryston 4B rated at 250wpc. It runs fairly cool and has great control over my NHT 12" passive sub. The 7B would handle just about anything thrown at it.
Carvin DCM 2500 Professional Amplifier $599.00 direct from Carvin. 500 w/ch into 8 ohms, 850 w/ch into 4 ohms, and 1250 watts/ch into 2 ohms. It is also bridgeable!!
We bridged a couple of channels of a Parasound 1206 amplifier; that gives 350 watts. It worked wonderfully with8 the McIntosh passive dual 12" subwoofer unit. Other four channel went to biwire the Tukans on the front.