Good sub $150 new/used component video cable?

My DVD changer (Sony 777ES) does not have HDMI output so I need to go component into my Sony 60XS LCD. Can I get a Nordost Optix in that range (used) or should I go with something like a Blue Jeans cable? Any others to consider? I'll need about a 3 meter length. My other 777ES cables are a Kimber D-60 digital(DVD input) and Kimber Silver Streak(CD input) with my Arcam AVR-300. I'm using a Blue Jeans component and digital cable directly into the 60XS and AVR300 from my SA Explorer 8300HD box and am happy with the results there. Will I see significant improvement spending a little more on my DVD video cable? Also, what's a good cheap toslink cable that I can use to input my Xbox into the AVR300? It would have to be about 4 meters. I already have the Monster HD Xbox cable going direct into the 60XS but would like to add a digital cable to input into the AVR300.

Thanks for any input,

Harmonic Technology Crystal component is an easy choice. Phenomenal component cable.
I recommened Outlaw cables. They use a silver core conductor, not silver plated etc.