Good Streamer with WiFi Connectivity

Newbie looking to add a Streamer into existing System. This unit will feed into a separate DAC (Accuphase).

WiFi connectivity of unit is preferred—to keep things simple—ie. don’t want the extra work on router, ethernet connect etc where possible, foreseeing the cabling~messy.

Is this (WiFi) route a compromised in sound quality? Which Streamer in the 3-5k range will do the job nicely? Will be using Tidal/Spotify. Lumin? Aurender? Or...? Thanks.

Ok, so I read that Aries G2 is Auralic totl dac’less streamer? but newer G1 shares many of G2’s feature/technology in more price friendly package?—cost aside, is G2 still the better performer to get?

Has anyone heard/compared Aries G2 vs Lumin U1?

*Will be using ios~all Apple stuffs ;)

Thanks again all. BR.
I've been using a Bluesound Node 2 wirelessly for a couple years. No issues to speak of. The sound between wireless and wired for me is indistinguishable.
Auralic considers the G2 their best streamer. I've not heard the G2 (I own the G1), but I would expect the G2 to have the edge in an Auralic system where you could use their proprietary Lightning Link bus. How big an edge is open to debate.

Reviews that mention both are quite careful in what they say; but reading between the lines, it seems the units are very close in sound.
If one is only interested in streaming, i.e. no need to connect to NAS services, ripping, local storage, AND already has a decent DAC, what are your options? Bluesound Node 2i is fairly reasonable. Other than that, I just can't seem to convince myself that spending more than $1000 purely for streaming capabilities is worth the money.

BTW, I have tried using Apple TV and Chromecast Audio as streamers, and the Bluesound Node is considerably better even as a standalone streamer hooked into another DAC.