Good Streamer with WiFi Connectivity

Newbie looking to add a Streamer into existing System. This unit will feed into a separate DAC (Accuphase).

WiFi connectivity of unit is preferred—to keep things simple—ie. don’t want the extra work on router, ethernet connect etc where possible, foreseeing the cabling~messy.

Is this (WiFi) route a compromised in sound quality? Which Streamer in the 3-5k range will do the job nicely? Will be using Tidal/Spotify. Lumin? Aurender? Or...? Thanks.

Hardwiring via ethernet is strongly recommended. I tried "wireless" and have a very robust network....there still were dropouts but none wired.
Auralic designed the Aries G1 for wireless operation and recommend it over an ethernet connection.  The Airies also has twin linear power supplies while I believe the Lumin U1 Mini only has a single switched power supply.  I've never heard the Lumin, but I'm sure it sounds very good.   It's just that the Aries offers a lot for your money.  I have the older Altair and it sounds excellent wirelessly.  BTW, Auralic's Lightning DS operating system is actually only compatible with an Apple product.  Have fun in your search.
Never had an issue with wireless. No drop out, no noise. I still use an Auralic Aries LE for this very reason.
I've owned the Aries Mini, Aries Femto and the Aries G1 and have never had a problem running any of them via wireless and could never tell any difference in sound running them wired.  Also have owned a Lumin and the Teac NT-505, which runs off of the Lumin app.  Both apps are very good though different in their approach but I personally give the edge to Auralic's Lightning DS.  Both were designed to work their best with IOS.  Lumin has an Android version but it can be buggy at times.  Without a doubt the G1 has better power supplies than the U1 Mini.  
I’ve also owned the Auralic products -- Aries (femto), and now Aries G1. Both did fine wirelessly, indistinguishable from wired connection. The G1 and G2 are well engineered products that give great sound.

As mentioned, Auralic’s app is only for iOS, but you can stream through Android by using third-party apps (such as the excellent BubbleUPnP). Since Auralic provides a Web interface for configuring the Aries, it’s completely functional without an Apple device.

In fact, since OpenHome and DLNA are well-defined standards, I'm puzzled that hardware vendors keep developing their own apps. In general, those vendors are not good at it, and the apps I've tried have been mediocre at best.