Good SS match for C-J PV10 preamp

If you use a Conrad-Johnson tube preamp,what solid state power amp and interconnects are you using?
I have used the PV10 first in my main system, then retired to the bedroom system. In the main rig it was to a Proceed HPA2 and now in the bedroom to a Sonagraph ( Entry CJ gear ) amp. Interconnects where Transparent "super" for both systems. This pre-amp , to my ears, is very friendly and gives great performance for the money. Should mate well with just about anything. Maybe some others have more experience to posts?
CJ is a great mate to Classe, I've run the pv10 with a ca200 and MIT shotgun ic's.
PV 10a with the Aragon 4004mkII, using Cardas Quadlink5 ICs and DIY speaker cable to Maggie MGBs' was a great system. Sorry I sold everything!
I had one matched to the CJ MF2100 Amp. Its 100 watts; you could get the MF2200 (200 watts) and also the MF2300 if you need more power. These are the older CJ SS amps. The newer ones are MF2250 (125 watts) and MF2500 (250 watts). I used a 0.6 meter Nordost SPM I picked up used cheap as a link.

There are good deals with factory warranty on new/demo and new/close-out CJ SS amps at Spearit Sound/ Northampton Audio.

I now use a Blue Circle BC22 SS Amp, but not with the PV10. I would think it would work well with the PV10 since the matching BC21 Preamp is tube.

Hi Johnny,

I use my c-j pv 10a with a Hafler Transnova 9500 power amp and Spica TC-60 speakers. I have had the Hafler for over 8 years. I kept changing preamps, trying Adcom, Counterpoint, Superphon, Audio Research and Audire before I got the c-j. I am very happy with this combination and am off the market for pre/power amps for a while. I currently use both Kimber PBJ and Homegrown Audio Super Silver for interconnects. Just picked up some MIT T-2 bi-wire speaker cables too. The c-j and Hafler have a very realistic sound stage. I especially like female vocals and easy listening music with this combination. On a good night, I feel like the musicians are in the room. HCM Audio offers good deals on B-stock Haflers. Look to the current 9505/9303 models but avoid the rest, imho.

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I have used the Pass Aleph 3 and 5 with great results with the CJ-PV10. Many people don't care for the cosmedics of the Aleph line but they are very musical and work well with most tube preamps. Cheers.
Ive been using a McCormack DNA 1 with mine and I think its a sweet combo
Thank youall for your responses.
happy listening, johnny7