Good speakers with small woofers = 10 cm/4"

Hi everyone,

Due to a small room, i need a pair of speakers with small woofers, as i said like 10 cm or 4", or less ..

I'll listen closely to the speakers, like 50 cm

The only pair that i found are the focal XS book, which sounds relatively great but nothing spectacular (

Plus they are preamplified, as i've an amp (not a great one but i don't really care for the moment) i prefer booshelves speakers ..

Anyway, if you have an idea, let me know !

(My budget is 500 € max, i can buy used)
Audience "the ones" would fit the bill butout of your price range. Perhaps you should consider a headphone rig.
Speakers with concentric drivers might allow you to expand your criterion.
50cm is seriously nearfield listening. You might want to consider studio monitors that have been designed for use atop the mixing console. The high end variations (Lipinski, et al) are probably too expensive and many of the available pro audio choices are actively powered, but you could check out passive options from Alesis, Fostex, KRK and the like.
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Emotiva Airmotiv 4S. Built-in amplifiers and features a Heil-type folded ribbon tweeter, which is smooth, yet fast and extended.
There is NO better 4 " driver speaker than Totem Rainmakers .
Silverline Minuet Supreme +
How about the Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus? Its woofer is a mere 3.25", mated with a 1" silk dome tweeter, set into a finely finished compact 9" x 5.5" x 9.25" enclosure for $699/pair.
Totem in general gets amazing sound out of smaller boxes and drivers.
Wow thanks for the comments !

I don't really like the "monitoring sound", sounds not lively enough to my ears, too cold

Yeah for headphone .. Unfortunately i have some tinnitus and headphone get them worse, iem are ok but i don't like be surprised when someone is openning my door .. (when i'm working or whatever ;)

The minuet supreme plus .. Yep, i was too slow to make my choice, i saw them on hifido at a great price but it was too late

But, i found a great pair of Magnat Quantum Edelstein, i can't find a bad review on them, they are really small and have a full sound from what i read, so i ended with them, waiting to receive them !

They are pretty cheap on ebay :

At 430 € (half than the original price it seems to be a bargain, i'll tell you later my opinion if someone is interested ;)

Anyway, for for the answers !