Good speakers with a Creek Evolution 2 Amp + CD?

I'm on the verge of getting a Creek Evolution 2 Amp and the matching CD player.

I'd love to hear some speaker suggestions for this combo. I'd like to spend about $1-1.5K on a used set of speakers (or a new set).

I listen to rock and roll, classic and modern; and ambient electronic music that has lots of subtle characteristics. Most of the time I'll be listening to my music at low or medium volume levels; I'll very rarely crank it up.

Small living room, maybe 400 square feet at the most, wooden floors. I'd like to have good sound while moving around the room (and the rest of the house? heh), but will spend plenty of time sitting in the sweet spot.

I will be sending my DVD through the system, in stereo, but that's a lower priority to me.
I have heard Creek many times with EPOS speakers. It always sounded seriously good. Worth checking out IMO.
I currently have QUAD 22L2 speakers and they are big improvement in performance from my older Mirage speakers. Got them used for $950 shipped here on Agon.