Good speakers under 10K.

Looking for my first pair of decent stereo speakers. Will be buying used, my budget is around 4-7k, so I'm interested in speakers below 10k. I may not be able to audition the speakers given my current location.

1) My sound preferences would be something that is rather true to the source, having adequate detail yet not being overly detailed. Hopefully striking a good balance between precise analytic sound and overly colored. However, I don't mind a speaker slightly to the warm end of neutral if it is not muddy or veiled. I want to avoid overly hyped or harsh speakers with fatiguing top ends, and I like my treble smooth and natural and not overly pronounced. The speakers have to be musical also.

My musical tastes are varied. Mainly electronic, rock, acoustic, classical, soundtrack and world.

Can someone help me decide?


OP asked: Also, which rockport speakers would be in my budget?
Mira monitor or Mira used. I have seen the latter used in the 8K range.
Vandersteen 5A's are a fine speaker, however it requires excellent care in setup and ancillary electronics for them to really sing....and sing they can.
Barefoot sound Micromain 27 (fully active), runs perfectly from a dac with level adjustment (ex: antelope zodiac gold+volticus) or a cdp with volume control (ex: wadia 381). Needs to have balanced outputs though as speakers amps are only taking balanced (xlr). Best bargain i have owned during my 16 years..
How about Gallo 3.5, Aerial 7t, Sonus Faber Luito, Focal electra or Tidal speakers?
Aqua -

Judging by your description I'd recommend Aether Audio's(formerly S.P. Technology) Continuum 2.5, Continuum A.D., or the (somewhat large) stand mounted Timepiece 3.2 - the latter of which can actually be had as a new pair within your budget.

They're all wonderful speakers with a very natural, honest, dynamic, whole, and organic sound; detailed and informative, yet never intrusive or analytical.