Good speakers to match with Spectral DMA-50

Almost have everything but the speakers - DMC-10 pre is in the works and the speakers are the last thing I'm getting. I've had a few suggestions. As this will be my first proper "audiophile" setup was hoping to get some more input. I have a pair of StraightWire Wave Guide 4's and have been offered a pair of Magnan signature speaker cables as well. Any reasons I should consider something different?

At a high-end audio store here in NYC they like to match Spectral electronics with Wilson speakers. Very nice combo.
Quads .... I remember the 63's and the DMA-50 being a classic combo back when.


you're working this backwards, but since you're talking spectral, you're forgiven....your budget?
Budget would be in the 1000 - 1500 range. Not trying to go backwards - I just landed the Spectral for so cheap it made no sense to go a different direction!
two full range-no nonsense keepers(around a grand, but way over in performance)....ohm microwalsh tall, or contact may audio for the clearance sale of the castle harlech, which was a;ways a classic, and a deal when it was 2700 bucks.
there's a pair of cabasse on agon for 1k thats a great buy too.
I appreciate the input and suggestions very much. As for the cables - any suggestions on which may be better? The Straightwire "Waveguide" 4's (which I can't find much info on) or the Magnan signature's? Only drawback with the Straightwire's is they are much longer then I will need.