good speakers matches for jolida 302b

Trying tubes out for the first time and am looking for anyone who has advice or has matched the jolida 302b with a particular speaker and thoughts or recommendations. Looking to spend $1,200 to $1,600 for the speakers. Front end is a Rega Planet with Kimber 8tc cable. My musical taste are all over the place. Thanks
We are a Jolida dealer and use the new Von Schweikert VR-2 with incredible results. Also the Meadowlark Kestrel 2 for less money.
The Soliloquy line is pretty nice and affordable. I am using 5.3s. I once barrowed a Jolida 102b, and I enjoyed the result. At 90db, these floor standers don't need a lot of power. In fact, I am currently playing around with an ASL MG-S115 DT, which can be run in pentode @ 15 w/channel OR triode--AT a mere 5 watts! They sound sweet!
I second the Soliloquy 5.3s!I have heard them on a setup similiar to yours.The combo for the money will be hard to beat.Good Luck!
Green Mountain Audio Europa's. Amazing speakers for a song. Give em a listen.
I 2nd the VR-2's, probably the best speaker under $4k and sound great with low power tube amps. They are a little over your budget($2495), if you have a small room, the VR-1's ($995) are very close in performance. Haven't heard the Europa's, but Green Mountain has always made great sounding stuff.
In your price range, I would say the three speakers I would recommend are:

1) Totem Arro. Exceptional sound, I would have no reservation going with this combination myself. In fact, one day, I might simplify and do just that. Misses the bottom octave, but the rest of it more than makes up for it. A very live sound, that just begged the question, "Why would anyone ever spend more?" Perhaps the most amazing soundstaging I have ever come across.

2) Coincident Triumph UHS. This is the best small loudspeaker I have come across under $2500. If I do ever simplify, this would be the other speaker on my short list. Would have to A - B them with the Arros.

3) Von Schweikert VR1. Treble a bit better than the Coincident, but the Coincident walks away from it in probably every other regard, especially the presentation(clarity, coherence, extension, ability to play clean - no congestion) of the low frequencies. Still, this is the second best small loudspeaker I have come across under $2500.

By the way, the VR2 is quite a nice speaker at its price point, but one should really give a listen to the new Freid and JMlabs Electra lines before declaring the VR2 to be the best speaker under $4K
The Totem's are kind of inefficient for the Jolida, and lack the bottom octave (as mentioned by Trelja)... not exactly what you want from a monitor. They have their strengths, but also some weaknesses. I still think VR-1's are your best bet for your budget and circumstances.
Also.. i must tell you i'm somewhat biased because i'm a Von Schweikert dealer, but the reason i'm a dealer is because i feel it's the best line of speakers for the money.
If i thought there was something better, i'd be selling it.
We use them as our reference as well as in my personal systems.
I rather like my Triangle Zephyr's with my 302B. The Comets work well with my friend's 202A. I tend to think Triangle and Jolida play well together.
The Zephyr II's are good for the money and very efficient. I have a pair for sale on our used page for $500 if anyone is interested.
Thanks for the suggestions, I won't be able to listen before I purchase due to living in an High End Audio wasteland and all these are helpfull. Does anyone know how the VR1's and Soliloquy 5.3's and Coincidents due when placed closer to the rear wall?
I'm sorry, but the Totem Arro is the best match so far that I have ever encountered with the Jolida 302B. And, as anyone here knows me, I am definitely the biggest Jolida 302B supporter on this site. The combination is capable of loud music.

As far as placing speakers close to the rear wall, that is normally a better situation with a front ported speaker, which the Coincident is not. The Von Schweikert VR1 is also in the same boat, as is the Soliloquy.

On the other hand, front ported speakers have a tendency to REALLY annoy me ala "chuffing" of the port. But, nothing is absolute.

I do like Raguirre's suggestion of Triangle...
The level at which you listen to music will be a factor in how far you need the Sols from the rear wall.If not at ear bleeding levels the Sols do fine 24 inches from the rear wall and maybe less depending on your listening habits.I have 6.3s 24 inches off the rear wall and 11 ft apart..I'am not having any bass or imaging problems.Any speaker you get.. you will have to play with it until it sounds right to your ears.

Good Luck!
Check out the OSKARS. All three models work great with Jolida gear and other low power tube amps. Yes I am the US distributor so I am biased but everybody needs to know about these speakers or they are missing out on something truly special. Go to for info.
I am using Green Mountain Europas with a Jolida 302B with excellent results. You can use the money you save on speakers to get a capacitor and tube upgrade for your 302B.