Good speakers for Parasound Halo JC1

I have all Parasound Halo electronics — JC1 amps, JC2 BP preamp, JC3 Phono amp, and CD1 CD player — and love them all.  Wonderful detail but plenty of bottom end.

My speakers are Usher MD2 — nice sound, respectable speakers but I’m ready to take the plunge and move up.

I’m headed to AXPONA in a few weeks and want to audition potential replacement speakers. I’d be interested to hear what speakers you’ve heard that are awesome matches for the JC1s. My room is mid-size that will accommodate decent size but not huge boxes. 

Thanks all.


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Magnepan 20s if you are a serious audiophile. Pass if you think you can put them where you want them. My brother had 3.6s with JC1s, they were very good but the 20s are push-pull and a big step up. 

When I spoke to Richard Schram of Parasound and asked what speakers to use with my new parasound amp he said they use KEF at the shows to demo and he really liked them. Maybe the Blades would be a good match?