Good speakers for MAC 4100 in office.

Greetings all. I just bought a MAC 4100 receiver for the office. My current speakers are 2 way 4" JBL's (hardly worthy fair for the McIntosh). Since the 4100 is pretty common out there, I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations of speakers to audition? No room for floor standing but any size bookshelf will work.

I listen to a wide variety of music from classic rock to classical. Mostly softer volumes as background music...then again Friday afternoon ROCKS in MY office! :-)
There are many options but I have always loved JM Lab with older Mc equipment. You don't mention a budget but I would recommend the Electra 906 monitor as a synergistic candidate.

With some vintage Marantz receivers that I had, I preferred NHT speakers. The Classic 3 just got rave reviews in TAS. You can pick them up new (and discounted) in J&R Music for $600 new.

Regards, Rich
Thanks Arthur and Rich. I'll give the 906's and Classic 3's an audition. I've also read in other threads that I should try Paradigm's and Klipsh. I think these will give me a good start.

Arthur, as for budget I don't have a specific budget (that can get scary!) but I guess I could find something to complement the 4100 for $500-$800 used. If something really knocked my socks off but cost more I'd probably amortize it in my mind and pay a good bit more. :-)

Thanks again!