Good speakers for a small room?

I have a 9x12 room and a Cary 805 for power. I also have a Tannoy subwoofer that can be upgraded if necessary. I listen to classical, mostly chamber music and opera, folk music and rock, though not as loud as I used to. Any ideas appreciated.
proac 1sc, on stands. great sound, great value at about $1200 used
Spica TC-50.
LS3/5A and variants
What price range? Operas or Triangles would sound great. The Duettos by Triangles are about 5K but wonderful and their entry line products are wonderful although bass shy (something your sub can fix!).
Also heard a very amazing speaker last week. VMPS's smallest speaker is the 626. It is bigger than a typical bookshelf but smaller than most floor standers. Very efficient. Uses a cone woofer but ribbons otherwise.

Lush sound stage.

Cost is less that 1400.
All very worthy products mentioned. Spica TC60's are a little better on detail than the TC50 but very smiliar sound indeed, ET LFT16's, Spendor, Harbeth, and there have been mention of Mordaunt Short Carnival around $250 to $300 a pair. Thay have been getting rave reviews. The Spica TC50's will mate with a subwoofer very well but the TC 60's are a little harder to mate with a subwoofer being rear ported as the TC50's are acoustic suspension. All the proacs will sound good with tubes as well as all the small speakers listed above. Good luck.
Totem Sttaf, as long as you can have them placed somewhat out from the back wall.
Recently picked up a pair of Soliloquy 5.0s with dedicated stands for $400 on ebay. Fantastic in a small room. Mine are mated with a James EMB-1000 sub.
Now I have two pairs of speakers that I'll never sell.
I have a very small room indeed and I run a pair of Triange Titus ES in it, with a tube integrated. Very good match to amp and room.

I have a listening room almost exactly the same size (not by my choice), 9.5 x 12.5. There have been many good suggestions above - I used a pair of Von Schweikert VR-1s at first. They worked very well, I just didn't have any bass below 50Hz or so.

A better option might be to treat the room so that you could use speakers with a fuller range. A little room treatment will make a huge difference in a room of your size and provide you with more speaker options.
Very good point from Br3098. My 8x9 room has a disused closet with some absorbent material in it, a couple of treated corners, large drapes in front of door and window walls, shallow bookshelves placed to diffuse sound on one wall and a wool rug opposite that. Not that I'm specifically recommending these as treatment, but the difference they make has been critical to listening in that room.
Harbeth P3esr s!!!!!!
definitely go w/ some nice monitors.. i'd go with dynaudio or proac
Thanks to all for the suggestions. Currently using Cremona Auditors. They need to reach a certain volume to "open up" but at this volume when female vocalists sing louder their voices get a little harsh. Will try Br3098's suggestion to try treating the room. As I look around, purely reflective surfaces.

Also, any experience with larger speakers in small room?