Good Speaker within a budget of USD10,000

Hi , 
I plan to setup my sound system from scratch. And allocated a substantial part for speakers. My budget for a pair of speaker is USD10,000 maximum. I would love to get recommendation on choice of speakers both New and old. 

Joseph Audio Pulsars on Sound Anchors stands with a JL Audio subwoofer. The sound is glorious!
just went thru this drill.   Revel 206s or 208s with something like a JL Audio E-110 or better....  incredible sound!    and slightly used 208s with a high quality sub can be done for around $5500 or less,  WOW WOW WOW
If you are going to spend that kind of money...  You may want to wait to see what PS Audio is about to produce using special ribbon and drivers. I believe the late  Arnie Nudell had a hand in their design.

For far less than $10,000, the Linkwitz LX521 will blow away everything listed here.   Most build it as a DIY project, but you could just take the plans to a local cabinet maker and still spend far less than your $10,000 budget.