Good speaker to pair with MA5100?

Hi all,

I currently have a debut carbon TT and a Technics CD player running through a Macintosh MA5100 amp to vintage klipsch heresey speakers. To my ears, it sounds like there is a blanket overs the music. I may try better speaker wire to see if it helps(I have pretty cheap wire currently). But, my wife also likes the looks of newer stuff - any suggestions under $1000 for new speakers that would play nice with the MA5100 and put out nice sound? Primarily listen to rock(dire straits, pink floyd, zep, etc)but the wife also throws in dance music now and then.


I must ask if you have tried the speakers with a different amp? If the tweeters are bad, or not working, it can sound like a blanket is covering the speaker. Also, can you verify that the MA5100 is operating properly, especially Bass, Treble controls, and HF, LF, and Loudness switches.

As far as speaker recommendation, read my post here and click on the links provided in the post,

I think the speaker would match well with the MA5100, and IMHO, absolutely perfect for the music you listed.
A speaker should not sound like it has a blanket over it. Better speaker wire will not magically take the blanket off. Something else is wrong.

Before you spend a dime, make sure the MA5100 is properly functioning. If you find that it is, then explore the position of your speakers relative to the listening position in you room. I cannot emphasize this enough. If I space my speakers too far apart from where I listen, I can the high frequency response diminish too. Also, look at your room? Lots of soft material absorbing the high frequencies? Lots of heavy, plush furniture? Carpeting? All will contribute in the overall performance of your system.
Thank you both very much for the info and suggestions. I will try to set the speakers up with a different amp this weekend. I have a yamaha aventage reciever in my HT I can try to see if it has different results. The MA5100 was recently fully serviced by Terry DeWick in TN, so I am confident that it is working properly, but I will check. I can also use my HT speakers with the Mac to see if it helps (sony SSF-7000's).

The room certainly could be the culprit. It is probably the most in-ideal listening room. Large room with a couple of couches and lost of children's toys, bean bags etc (we have 3 20 mo olds!), lots of windows(no window treatments)The speakers are backup up against wainscoting so the kids don't pull the wires out. So, it could certainly be due to listening area/config. I will also play with this to see if I can gain improvement.

Thanks again!
The speakers are backup up against wainscoting so the kids don't pull the wires out.
Bass will be reinforced with any speaker against the wall affecting the balance of the overall response. Also, if the Heresy is sitting directly on the floor without the optional risers, this will reinforce the bass as well, so a double whammy. If you determine the speakers are OK and decide to use them, I would still recommend getting a pair of these risers,

assuming you do not currently have risers.
Thanks for the link. Mine do have a riser, but it is level not tilted. I do like the idea if the tilted risers.
I ran Ohm Walsh 2-100s3 speakers with my MA5100 for 6 months plus. It worked pretty well. You might check out the Ohm Micro Walsh thread here. The speakers should be a lighter load on the 5100. I love Ohms and have had various models. They tend to work well for a variety of music and have a great tryout policy.

BTW, love to get you take on the gains from the refurb on the 5100. I have put mine away as it was having issues in one channel. I had Terry rework a MC250 for me which I am using now. I know he does good work. Just curious what a fellow consumer hears on a reworked model?