Good speaker system for dollar

I'm an owner of a Marantz 6300. I want to purchase surround sound speakers for HT. 80%HT, 20% music. I've looked into Paradigm, Monitor Audio Silver, B&W, B. Acoustics. Any opinions on which I should be leaning toward. Tower budget around $2-2500/ pair.

I really like NHT for HT, while still being good for music. I used to own the 2.9's for my fronts - very good for HT. Their VT-2.4's should be very good. Very dynamic and relatively easy to drive.

I'm not familiar with the Marantz 6300, so I don't know what it can realistically drive. Paradigms have a great reputation. Another line that you don't mention is Infinity - again, good for dual-purpose, IMO.
Am I reading correctly that you are ready to spend around 5K on speakers for two sets of tower HT speakers? Or does that include a center channel and sub? Are you planning to run it in 5.1 or 6.1?

I think you may get the best sound for your budget with spending some of that budget on an even higher end receiver or seperates. I know you don't want to hear that since I can tell from the 6300 designation that you just bought it. This doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the receiver. Just, that the speakers you have in mind aren't going to reach their full potential without a better source. Can you still return it? Does your dealer have an upgrade policy?

What is rest of your equipment? The size of your room? I'm sure with a little more info the knowledgable folks around here can get you pointed in the right direction for sound you will love.
Look at psb Stratus Goldi's. Very musical with excellent authoritive bass for HT.
Check out For your price range you could get a pair of 6.9sms; an three Norh 4s. You cannot do better for anything close IMHO.

Not connected to Norh in any way (other than happy customer).
I recommend that you add the Vandersteen home theater speaker system to your audition list. The system is built around Vandy's Model 1C front speaker, and includes the center channel speaker, surround speakers, and V2W subwoofer (with built-in 300 watt amp). The entire system retails for $3600, and is a fine sounding package that works very well for both HT and music. You can either buy the system as a whole, or assemble it as your budget allows. You may also want to consider having the Model 2Ce speakers rather than the Model 1C's. You could buy the various elements of the system here on Audigon and stay within your budget, and have a substantially better all-purpose system than just buying speakers intended for HT.

Here's the link to the Vandy web page for the HT system:
Look at the JMLabs-Raven Monitors I am selling. They will blow you away at $1200.00 They perform like 10,000$ speakers. Being involved in the speaker manufacturing business, I can tell you it has the best drivers(jm labs, raven) and parts(axon)