Good speaker match for Sim Audio W5

Can I please get some Sim owners to give me some ideas before I start on the 'fun' speaker audition track. Just want to get some feedback and perhaps narrow my choices down a bit. I am looking for mostly excellent transparancy and good bass and the infamous 'speaker dissappearing act'(not sure if thats not more of a room and placement issue).

My supporting equip
Wadia 830 CDP
Golden Cross Cabling thru out

Thanks in adance!
Try the Magnaplaner 3.6r, the Sim amps love Maggies.
I have the celeste 4070 and found the Harbeth 7ES to be a great match. Also had the pleasure of listening to the Harbeth 40's with the celeste, and loved it. I bought the 7's and love 'em, am aspiring for the 40's.(maybe someday!) The Harbeths will give you transparency, neutrality, and are very capable of "disappearing". Great speakers.
Good luck in your search!
Soliloquy uses the Sim Audio W5 to voice their speakers along with some tube amps, so I'd bet they'd be a natural match. Don't know what your price point is, but I'd highly recommend the $2500/pr. 6.2, which is probably their best speaker with the possible exception of their $6000/pr 6.5 flagship speaker. If you really want to shake the rafters you might also consider the $3000/pr. 6.3.

I currently own the $2000/pr. 5.3 which I find to be very transparent and revealing, and they also disappear into the room as well as anything I've heard(although partially a function of room placement, some speakers definately do this better than others). Bass goes relatively deep and can be problematic in smaller rooms(might want to plug the rear port) while the midrange is detailed but very full with an extended yet natural treble. I'm using a McCormack DNA-0.5 Rev. A, but if I had a Sim amp I'd put Soliloquy on my must-audition list. Best of luck and have fun.

Hi Arkio, I'm a Simaudio owner, but not of the big boy W5.

I'm running a pair of ProAc Tablette 50 Signatures mini monitors with a Simaudio Moon I-5 integrated, and I'm pretty darn happy. I also have a pair of Sonus Faber Concertinos, but mostly listen to the ProAcs. The scale of my sound is smaller than what you're looking to build, but I'll comment on the overall sonic character.

My I-5 can be a bit on the lean side, but I've counteracted that with Cardas Golden Cross interconnect and Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable, both of which are very full sounding.

The ProAcs image wonderfully and precisely, and throw a huge soundstage. Overall, the sound is detailed, lifelike, with an enjoyable warmth.

The Sonus Fabers are warmer and fuller sounding than the Tab50s but present a vague soundstage in comparison. Also the Concertinos don't delineate the nuances of instruments and voices as well, but I still enjoy them very much. In my setup, the SFs accentuate the woodiness of acoustic instrument such as guitars.

I hope this helps you some. Good luck!
Oh yeah, the ProAcs DISAPPEAR too.
The best combination of transparency, good bass and disappearing I've ever heard was the Totem Mani 2. It is Isobarik, so it really draws a lot of current and makes stupendous bass for its small size. And it completely disappears. But it's a tough load for all but the beefiest of amps, like the W-5. I heard the Mani 2 driven by a Classe 300 series, and it was excellent. Huge soundstage, very deep. If that's beyond budget (about $4k plus stands, new), the Totem Forest is also a very nice speaker ($3k, floorstanding). I also once heard the Audio Physic Virgo driven by a Sim Celeste 4150 and that was also excellent, but leaner and punchier.