Good speaker match for Nuprime IDA-8?

  I'd like to know what speakers you have successfully used with the IDA-8?
I was considering the Dynaudio Evoke 10 or the ELAC Carina but specs don't seem like the IDA-8 would be enough power............?
Borderline maybe, but comfortably,.......not sure?
As a result I have been looking at the Monitor Audio Gold 50 or 100 or the B&W 600 series.......maybe the KEF r3 or Silverlines......
As I stated in a post earlier this week my price range is $1000 to $2000.
What have you members used with the IDA-8 and really liked?

Just to clarify I am not specifically looking for monitor size speakers.....I am interested in floor standers as well......
My experience with the NuPrime amp ( I love their Dac) is limited to the STA 9.  I found that while their amps do have some good qualities, they struggled and simply could not drive a planar speaker (Mono Blocks at 290w).  Avoiding a 4 ohm low efficiency speaker would be smart, and I think you will get a good result with any number of 6 or 8 ohm speakers with mid to high efficiency. size, front end, treatments, positioning etc all have parts to play in your choice.  Good Luck and enjoy the ride. 

My dad runs KEF LS50s with his IDA-8.   Room is probably 12 by 18--so small to medium size.  I can confirm the sound is excellent.
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