Good Speaker Match for AMC Int. Amp

I bought my nephew an AMC Int Amp. Any recommendations on a good speaker(either new or used) for him. My initial thoughts were vandy 1 or maggie mmg. Thanks
B&W DM601 or DM602. Used, even consider the DM600 or DM620 which came before the 601/602. Only difference is the Kevlar woofer on the 601/602.
AMC is unbeatable for $$. I'll second on B&W, always take Kevlar. Take 602! Good Luck!
Coincodent Triumph Signitures.They will dance all over the B&W.I spent many days and night at to many Audio stores with the B&W.I was close to purchasing them. I then heard the Triumphs.1099.00 Retail.There was now no way i would buy the B&W.I was then offered a pair of B&W 805 for 1000.00 used.The Coincidents make them look like bargin basement speakers.You are spending to much of your$ on B&W marketing and large overhead.Someone pays for this you do and get less speaker for your money.Go with Coincidents.