Good speaker match for Aleph 2s

Just recently employed again so I'm looking at new speaker options. Right now I have a set of Aerial 7Bs powered by 2 Tim Rawson Aleph 2 clones (100 wpc). I'd like to look at something a bit more efficient for these great amps. The Aerials sound really good, but I'd like to see if I can get more punch and headroom for the louder music. Room is 12'x15' with 8' to 12' walls. I'm not a headbanger by all means, just looking at some options and perhaps an easier to drive speaker. Listening is all CD, SACD, DVD-Audio. System is:
Esoteric DV-50S
Promitheus Ref 4 preamp, Tim Rawson Aleph 1.7 clone
Rawson Aleph 2 clones amps
Aerial 7B
ExactPower EP15A
Basis speaker cable, Cardas and DIY interconnects, Oyaide Tunami P/C, DIY P/C

I've had my Aleph 2s for over 8 years. They've driven everything from Montana SPIIs, through Apogee Mini-Grands.
I would suggest you keep everything you have as is, and just add a subwoofer or 2. You can roll off your Aerials,
either with a crossover or filters like Vandersteen makes.
This will take the bass duty off your amps & speakers, and make the sub(s) do that work. I have 2 James EMB1200s now
for this duty. You can get 2 James subs or 1 JL Audio Fathom 113, used, for around $2K. Both subs are very good,
Yes...I had that idea at one time. A sub would give me the extra punch for sure. I've heard one of the JL Audios and thought that it was fantastic. The filters you are talking about are interesting, also. I'll check the Vandersteen site for more info. I'm a DIY kind of guy so maybe I can make my own. By the way, how do you like the James subs? I was considering one during my "multi-channel phase". Ended up with a Hsu which was pretty decent for the money.

I had one James EMB1200 & I bought a JL Audio Fathom 112,
to try out. In the meantime I found another James at a good price. I sold the F112 to a friend locally, simply because I prefer 2 subs to one, and also because I haven't upgraded my power delivery yet, in my living room.
I know most everyone on this site will say the JL subs are better, buy my 2 James are very good, for the price of one used Fathom 113.
The James are sealed & very musical, and they mate well with my Avalon Avatars, and my Usher BE-718s.
The James subs sound like a good idea. The price is right for sure. Also sounds like you like the Alephs a lot considering you've kept them through many speaker changes. I've only had mine for about 6 months. Might be the best solid state amps I've heard and I've had GamuT, Levinson, Threshold, Rowland.
...thanx for the suggestion and info...