Good speaker compatability with NAD C 370

I have a very modest budget and I think I have narrowed the integrated amp I will buying down to the nad C370. I need suggestions for speakers. I plan to spend 500 or less on them. I rarely listen to classical or other high pitched"? music so something with good bass is prefered. Any and all suggestions appreciated.
At this price point...I would go used...PSB stratus minis would be a good match...nice mellow, spacious sound for the price...I believe NAD and PSB share the same USA distributor if that means anything...
Try the JBL S38.

They retail for $600, currently available at J&R Music for $250 or so

Also, here is a review from Stereophile
B&W DM602, 602-S2, 602-S3
Used Dynaudio Audience 50 monitor. Good overall with plenty of bass. Nevertheless, "high piched music" is not exactly the flatering way of describing the classical music.
The local distributor of NAD in Puerto Rico use to sell NAD/Paradign convinations and they sound very nice. Also, PSB is a good match. There are a pair of Rodgers db101 speakers for $280.00 that looks very interesting at the Speaker section here at A-Gon(check them out).

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The NAD should sound pretty good with the Paradigm Studio line, I see that A'gon has a set of Studio 60s and a set of Studio 40s at $600/offer, pretty close to your $500 target figure...

Thanks for the suggestions. I went to the local sound shop today and listened to Paradigm Studio 20s and 40s on a NAD 270. This is the best sound I've heard in my life. (I've been accustomed to some harmon/kardon computer speakers playing MP3's for a long time) I actually like the 20 v2s more than the 40's. 20's seemed more clear while 40's had more extreme bass I think.

Anyway, I have one last question.. If I bought either the integrate amp or the speakers used, and I have no knowledge of the inner workings of them, how will I know they are in good shape? What can happen to year old speakers and amps that I should be aware of?

This is a matter of faith and luck. But, you can ask for pictures and read the feedback information. You will get better used gear from Audiogon than much other used markets in my experience.

Although your intended pieces are not that expensive new, you will have a much better price if buying used instead. If the difference is not that big though, you should consider your local diller since he will give you full guarantee. In my experience, NAD has a good quality and they last a long time. If you end buying the Paradigns used, be sure to buy them from a near seller if possible to avoid damages in shipping.

Good luck and enjoy your new system,