Good speaker cables for tube amp's??????

Just wondering if I could get some recommendations for speaker cables for tube monoblocks. I've noticed some speaker cables have the tendency to be on the warm side, which would be great for solid state, but tends to become too warm with tubes. I'm just looking for recommendations for speaker cables for tube equipment. So tube owners let me know. Thanks.
I'm using FIM Gold for top and bottom and they sound great.Very neutral with deep base.
I'm using Mapleshade Double Golden Helix Plus. I would describe their sound as very coherent and well balanced.
Granite Audio manufactures tube amps and fantastic speaker cables to go with.
I second the Mapleshade. If you budget can stand it go for the Omega Mikros (same designers).
I'm using Sonoran Plateau with my tube system. Very neutral and detailed. I like them.
Try short lengths of Acoustic Zen or better, Empirical Clarity 7. Cost effective too. Best I've tried with my Wolcotts.
XLO period.
I'm using Kimber Select 3035. Just great!
good luck!
I have a pair of Tenor OTL amps and use the Pure Note Epsilon Ref. These cables are open, detailed, and very three-dimensional with just the right tonal balance. Website:
I'm using NBS Master and Stealth Ultimate Ribbon for my two different tube setups.
I bought a pair of Transparent Ultra from S32Chang above and it work well too. A bit more laid back than NBS and Stealth, and a bit cheaper.
Cables can sound different with SS and tube amps. If they "sound" warm with SS amps it must not mean they will sound overly warm with tube amps. Just to mention it. Some cables sound great with SS amps and sound even better with tube amps, keep that in mind.