Good speaker cable for Rotel / B & W

Just bought a new Rotel setup (RA-1070, RB-1080, RCD-1072) and wanted to upgrade my speaker cables. Now using Audioquest Slates to connect to my B&W 603 ser. 2s. I was thinking about Analysis Plus Oval 9s. Any recommendations below $500? Thanks all!
How long? Terminations?
No more than eight feet. Currently I'm terminating with spades, tho I've heard from a dealer that bananas are better . . . true? Correction: I'm on AQ Crystals, not Slates.
So how do the Crystal's related to the Slate? I've lost track with all the AQ cables changes.

I was going to tell you the Slate are fine for your level of equipment. Don't spend more money.

Seems to me AQ changes their cables names, colors, packages, etc, all the time just to try to separate people from more and more money. They're currently not really any better than the old line before this line, and the old line before that line, and before that, before that, that, that, that that, that t t t t t ................................
I had a Rotel 985 5-channel amp and B&W CDM 1NT speakers a few years ago and a great speaker cable for them is the Stealth Premier cables. You can find an 8 ft. pair used on Audiogon occasionally for @ $200.00-$250.00/pr. This is a very synergistic match. Good luck.
I have a pair of AQ Argent bi-wire that is in your price range and should be a significant upgrade from Slate. Send me an email if you are interested. Good luck and best regards.
Still thinking of the Oval 9s -- wondering whether it would be best to bi-wire or to jump the terminals. The 603 has four posts, and I've read it likes to be bi-wired.
I just recently upgraded my speakers from the B&W CM2 (Concept 90 speaker from the late 80's with a series 2 Matrix design) to a pair of PMC OB1's. My associated electronics are a Rotel RMB1075 amplifier along with the Rotel 1098 pre-processor.

I've been tweaking around with cables a great deal lately and really recommend the Audience Au24 speaker cable (provided you can stretch your budget a bit since I think they would be just over your $500 limit). I find the Rotel/B&W combination can be a bit on the bright/analytical side. The Audience Au24 can really add an injection of warmth and smoothness to the sound.

I know the Audience Au24 is an expensive cable (and perhaps outclasses the rest of my system) but in my simply an amazing cable.

I have a Krell receiver driving B&W speakers through analysis plus oval 9 speaker cable as my bedroom system. The connectors on the analysis plus are silver. Upper end is somewhat bright. FWIW I am shopping for warmer speaker cable.
AZ Satori.