Good speaker cable for Europas.

I am currently setting up a system based on the GMA Europas. Currently have a Blue Circle CS with analysis plus interconnects. The Europas a replacing a Epos Els-3. Any all I am missing now are speaker cables to connect the Europas. I spoke to Roy and he highly recommends Audio Magic speaker cable and thinks the Sorcerer should be the minium rung to buy. One thing though...their way too expensive for me. After buying the Blue circle amp and Europas I am quite honestly broke. Are there anything good out there for a decent price. I could possible spend about 2-300 bucks. Even this is alot to me. Any suggestions?

BTW is it true that 8' feet wire is the minium length to buy for cables?
Look foe a pair of Coincident cables. They will be a very good fit. As good as anything out there at any price.
8' feet cable is not required. If you need less go for it.
I used Speltz Anti-Cables with my Europas and was quite happy with the result. Mine were 6 ft since I was powering them with mono-blocks setting next to the speakers.

Anti-cables sell for $10 /fy - hard to beat if you're on a budget.
I agree. Get the Speltz. But you must ties the teads together or twist them. Search the archives here for discussions of that.
Take a look at the MAC UltraLite Sound Pipes

They are EXCELLENT and inexpensive.

About the least expensive way to go is with Canare 4s11 bulk cable, used bare-wire or self terminated. Another step up from that in expense is the DH-Labs T-14 or Q-10. I've used all three and been very pleased.
As long as you are deviating from what your speaker's designer suggests, I think you will find that is an impressive source for what you seek.
$225 for eight foot pair is within your budget, and you can see in Audiogon ads of Clearsound for the fine quality Reimer loudspeaker line that Reality is the Reimer speaker wire recommendation. There is more than one terrific wire choice in this hobby.
And, there is a money back guarantee so you can't be the victim of buyer's remorse, only the beneficiary of listener elation.
Get the Speltz