Good sources for oddball recordings

I figured that some of you might have good sources for out of the ordinary recordings, both new and used. Here's a few that i've been able to find quite a few out of print goodies at and at pretty reasonable prices. I'd love to find some others, so let's help each other out here. If possible, please include a clickable link for us lazy folks : )

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You can thank me later and i prefer cash : ) Sean
Over 3000 historic recordings...
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

I was able to locate some Calypso Jazz there.
I've found a few rare gems, including compilations (for single not-so-big hits from 50's, 60s and 70's) on e-bay and
Also try the following:
~ Reputable Audiophile Mail-Order Sites ~

Griffco Records
P.O. Box 8893
St. Petersburg, FL 33738
Tel: (727) 319-3408
Fax: (727) 391-0243

Music Direct
318 N Laflin St.
Chicago, IL 60607-1006
Phone: 800-449-8333
Local: 312-433-0200
Fax: 312-433-0011

Acoustic Sounds
PO Box 1905
1000 W. Elm Street
Salina, KS, 67401-1905
Phone: 1-888-926-2564
Local: 785-825-8609
Fax: 785-825-0156

Tom Port / Better Records
14358 Miranda St.
Van Nuys, CA 91401-4230
Phone: 818-988-3313
Fax: 818-988-9790

Scott Taylor
17941 151st Way NE
Woodinville, WA 98072

Red Trumpet
Red Trumpet, Inc
2101 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 12
York, PA 17404
Phone: 1-877-733-8786
Local (717) 843-5562
Fax: (717) 843-3581

Robin Records
Lönsweg 4
46514 Schermbeck
Phone: 0049 2853 954071
Fax.: 0049 2853 954070

These folks may even lead you to other sources.

Hope this helps.
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Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Two sites for mostly independent progressive music. The former is more diverse (includes Camel, etc.), the latter includes the King Crimson family of musicians.
Try for a huge selection of lessor known artists, that include many great albums.
OK, slight veer off track. Does anyone know where I can find a (now out-of-print) copy of Fred Lane's 2 LP's ? I have tried many sights (have avoided search services due to costs).

If you want "oddball recordings" check him out if you can find him !

Great free-form-jazzy-crazy-poetic-rambling sh*t !

Thanks for good suggestions above, too. Most I knew, a couple I didn't.

Todd - chams_uk
Hey, sorry for the clog....I found they were reissued on CD ! Check out Amazon, they have it !

I guess it's been a while since I looked for them.
Some good sources for diverse and interesting musical 'stuff' that I've come across:
(and take a look at the site for their in-house label CIMP, which releases progressive and avant-garde jazz that also happen to be 'audiophile' grade recordings)

For indie-rock and related recordings, these two sites are pretty good bets

A couple of record stores that also deal with mail order distribution that would probably cover something from the whole gamut of what's offered above would be...
here are a few sites that are cool:
Here are two more that no one will use ;).
lots of great tunes out there,here's a few more good links: