Good source for vinyl 80s rock

Dear friends,

I love the 80s music(The Police, Fleetwood Mac, Genesis,
Blondie and way too many other bands to list here), would like to find a good source to buy vinyl from that era.
I would like to find out how many of my favorite bands are available in vinyl before I get back into analog. Is there a store that sells "new old stock" records from that era. Any help will be very much appreciated.
you will find many of those groups that you listed, and more on mfsl and dcc recordings. you'll find them used here on audiogon or i've been quite successfull on e-bay. many recordings of that era have been re-issued more recently and can be found new on the classic and earmark labels, as well as others. you can find them on-line at, and at, all of them are reputable and easy to deal with.
it's an ongoing search to find the one's you're after. have fun and good luck.....don
Rick & John at are hard to beat as far as knowledge and service go. These guys are music lovers and vinyl lovers. Cheers,
You'll find tons of 80's stuff at a goodwill or thrift store for about a buck per copy. If I were you, I wouldn't look past used since you don't have an analog setup at the moment. You'll find everything you mentioned above & probably several copies of the same record in NM condition after you clean up the records - which is very important. Corby & Sbank have made good suggestions for easy to locate audiophile grade stuff.
Man I find that stuff by the barrels at Goodwill and the like for a dime each sometimes. Minty mint. Don't pay more than a buck for anything remotely like these types of artists. There are TONS available everywhere.
I just sold a box full of '80s music LPs to Amoeba for a little over a hundred bucks. I shoulda sold it on Agon and made a shinier penny.
Thanks guys. I will begin my search for vinyl ASAP.