Good source for TT dustcover??

Just bought a VPI Classic 2 SE and would like to get dustcover. The arm on the table (a JMW 10.5) seems to ever so slightly hang over the front edge of the plinth so I think I need to get a big DC that comes down around the whole table, and not sit on the edges of the plinth.

Also, would love to find a DC-maker that might fabricate a proper replacement DC for my rear hinged Micro Seiki DD40. The hinges are good but over the years the clear plastic has internal fractures near the hinges.

Any recommendations for good quality good value sources of these DC’s would be appreciated (in USA).

Thanks in advance.
jjss49 your text ...

I had them make me a custom cover for my SP10 mk2 plinth . in 1/4"

Nice workmanship  

They made a beautiful hinged cover for my VPI.
Not inexpensive, but well made and well worth it.
Also, pick up some specialized plastic cleaner.
I use NOVUS PC-10 Plastic Clean & Shine  which you can find on Amazon.
It will keep the cover slick and sparkling and will act as a shield to minimize scratching for airborne dust particles.
Norm at Stereosquares do excellent work - have bought product from him many times.

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Check out Gingko Audio. They have beautiful acrylic dust covers specifically for your table, one that sits on the plinth and one that goes over the whole table that sits on the platform. They will also custom make one for you Micro Seiki.

I have one for my VPI that goes over the plinth and sits on the stand. Very nicely made.
I agree with ncarv.....Gingko Audio....they're in New Jersey.  Work is excellent - the owners are nice people.
I have bought dust covers from Stereo Squares and Gingko Audio.
Both make very high quality covers, you really can't go wrong with either choice.
Yes, both make very good covers.  But for only a 10 buck option, you can get the VPI logo etched into the acrylic if you buy it from Stereo Squares.  And you have a VPI.

Click on my screen name and take a look a the pics of my VPI with a plinth top cover and the etched logo from Stereo Squares. 
If your looking for a cover and both quality and price are a consideration
these guys actually make and supply covers for a few of the vendors 

JMK Displays
Stereo Squares Audio Jewelry that protects! More than just a dust cover!
Yes, Stereosquares custom made a beautiful cover for my VPI HW19 with all the appropriate and well-sized cut-outs. Highly recommended. Good bang for the buck,
I've had excellent results twice here in Utah going to a local fabricator for a custom made cover.  Prices are at least half the retail from the national advertised firms.  I have to provide  them with exact measurements (and explain to them what a turntable is). Some of these companies make trophies, industrial, or commercial displays. 
I use Stereosquares with my Aries 3.  It looks great and they will custom size it for you along with any cut outs you desire.  I wasn't aware that they did the VPI etching, it would have been a nice feature.

I contacted a Plexiglas shop in my community and provided them with the dimensions I wanted including the location and size of cutouts for the tonearm and power cables.  I got a great and well made cover at a price lower than the audio specialty shops, which I didn't have to have shipped.
+ 1 for JMK Displays. I believe they are in Western NY. Prices were very reasonable, but more importantly, mine looks great.
Another vote for JMK displays. They make a beautiful custom dust cover for my VPI scout. It's flawless. And their prices are very reasonable.
Sparky_53 on ebay
custom covers built to your size
just had them build one for my funk firm vector and it was perfect
cost of $129 shipped is very fair I would say
check them out