Good source for CD storage boxes

Who could recommend a good source for CD storage boxes in the US, Europe or Asia?
I contacted for their "large CD/DVD media box" for $14.95, but there is no reply.

I also contacted for their Odyssey CD storage case for 65 jewel cases. They did reply but while the CD storage case is $50+, the lowest shipping cost to my destination is $90 because the case weighs 11 lbs.
buying larger quantity and than reselling retail on ebay or here what not needed may bring you the best economic solution or even profit.
go to your near by wine&spirit store and ask if they have any empty wine crates. There cheap meaning free and they look really nice and can be stacked.
Check out some music stores like Sam Ash and Guitar Centre. DJ's need really tough storage cases for their CD's and LP's.

Storables is the way to go for CD storage
A couple of years ago, I took all my CDs out of their jewel cases and filed them alphabetically in large 336 disc capacity Case Logic sleeved cases ($25 each), leaving room under each letter for more entries. The sleeved cases allow quick access and require much less storage area than the individual jewel cases. I was even able to put the associated booklets in the sleeves along with the discs. The jewel cases are in cardboard paper boxes. Just providing a different perspective. As to your original question - I got nothing.