Good sounding wired earbuds - affordable?

My stock apple wired earbuds sound ok for calls, but for music, the highs are kinda brittle and cymbals sound nothing like actual cymbals.

So I tried the Klipsch T5Ms for $45 (What HiFi product of the year 2019). Solid brand. What could go wrong? Well they sound like a 1980s alarm clock radio. Thin, tinny even. NO bass whatsoever. And super inefficient compared to the stock $29 Apple buds. So I am returning them. I think Klipsch might have a quality control problem here. 

Any other recommendations? 
I picked up a pair of NuForce EDC from Drop ( after seeing a favorable review in The Absolute Sound.  I think they are currently going for $60.  They also have a premium model (EDC3) for $100.

I'm not a huge fan of IEMs (don't like how they feel in my ear) but these sound pretty good.  As long as you get a good fit with the ear tip, they have good bass and overall good sound. I am using aftermarket Compy foam tips and not the OEM ones.  I still prefer a full headphone, but I use these when traveling and have been happy with them.
Haven't heard them but the Beyer Soul Byrds seem to be getting good feedback for reasonably priced earbuds.

I recently bought a pair of Shure SE425 which are more in ear than earbuds they are very good but bass is only good if you get a really good seal so you might want to look elsewhere.
What HiFi? reviews suck and are near useless IMHO. The 1More Triple Driver IEMs can be had for $80 on Amazon and get very good (and more reputable) reviews, and I’d expect them to be a big step up from the Apple or Klipsch buds. You’ll probably need to play them for 10 hours or more before they sound their best (although they’ll probably start to sound noticeably better after only a couple hours) so don’t rush to judgement. I’d also replace the tips with some nice Comply tips too — nice upgrade for not much $. Best of luck.

All time best earbuds are MEE Audio M6. M6 wired earbuds offer a professional in-ear and extended bass as well. And specialy in your budget

I have a pair of FIIO F9 which work for me. 

They sounded like your description of the Klipsch's at first. My challenge was to get a good seal. The foam tips didn't provide a good seal, but with triple flanges, the bass appeared and everything dialed in.

All time best earbuds are TECNO wired. This wired earbuds offer a professional in-ear and extended bass as well. And specialy in your budget

if you looking for the best earbuds check out tranya t10 pro these buds offer low latency and IPX7 rating 

I have gone up the ladder with Etymotics. Most neutral wired earphones there are, and very comfortable. Won't listen to anything else. Now have top ER-4XR. Neal