Good Sounding Waterproof Speakers


I am refinishing a bathroom and want to add some small (6" by 6" or 6" by 9") speakers. Who makes nice sounding water resistant speakers this small that I can play whilst showering, ect. The installation of speakers themselves would be dry (above room door and 4 feet from shower), but my sense is that I should get waterproof since the room will be damp 30 to 60 minutes a day and when the speakers are in use.

What do you suggest?


I am looking at the Definitive Technology UIW 64/A for the same application. Note that on the webpage they are described as "... moisture-resistant for kitchen and even bathroom installations."

They are a 6.5" mid-woofer with cast basket and 1" aluminum tweeter in coax form factor.

Hopefully some readers with experience in this area will chime in.


I've had great success with 4 pairs of speakers on our C&C 41 sailboat. I picked them up from West Marine.(check out their website search under audio) Although the speakers I picked up more than 5 years ago they have performed flawlessly. I mean were talking salt water / air 24/7! Unfortunately the units I bought are no longer listed WM catalog.They do have an extensive and could be expensive line up where I'm sure you could find something that works.
Check out wetsounds speakers at They are the best to my knowledge. Also parasound may work for you with less expence.