Good sounding, small center speaker

I'm considering the Gallo or Orb speakers for a home theater speaker system, but I'm concerned that especially dialogue will sound a bit light or thin coming from such small speakers. Anyone have experience with either of these in an HT setup, and if so how do they do as center channels for movies. Can they do a credible job with movie dialogue, and how do they compare to larger center speakers you've heard?

As an alternative I'm thinking about avoiding the center speaker altogether and just running something like 4 Maggie MMGWs and using a phantom center and adding a HSU STF-2 or VTF-2 sub.

Any thoughts would be helpful, but I'm really looking for a small footprint speaker that can do a great job with movie dialogue so I don't feel like I'm hearing a "small" speaker. Thanks all.
Try using a "regular" bookshelf speaker for your center. I find they work better than most center speakers.

For those with larger centers; I found that setting the output to small speaker improved the clarity of larger center speakers in my HT system.
the gallos make superb center speakers as long as you have the speakers rolled off correctly with the bass managemet system. The a'diva system i had was one of the most musical systems i have owned. you wont be dissapointed.
I would recommend against a "mis-matched" center, as it will not work! You'll never have a believable, cohesive soundstage, with smooth tonal transitions, and a system that "disappears". Rather you'll always be aware of tonal shifts in the sound, and the fact you are listening to "speakers" and gear, not the soundstage!
I would also recommend against small single woofer/tweeter designs, in favor of dual mid/woof speakers, which will control acoustical reflections from floor to ceiling, and provide often better transient reinforcement, and dynamic impact, dialoge inteligibility, etc.
Alternatives I'd recommed are Polk RM7200 system (???...maybe it's 8000), Infinity TSS1100 system, and little
Atlantic tech or M&K Systems as such.
I used to sell the otherwise very clear and detailed (on axis, that is) Maggie system lacking dyanmics for movies, and not so strong, while off-axis listening is combfiltered for a rolled off sound.
hope this helps...
I can agree with Flrnlamb. I should have said that it helps some if you use a bookshelf center; to try to stay within the same brand; hopefully one with the same or similar tweeter.

If you are using a center rear as well; you can use the same speaker and then not have to buy a pair and only use one.

I admit that I run separate systems, and do not get so fussy with the surround system which is just for TV/Movies. I can see you might have more difficulty if you want a perfect image. I still don't think a lot of center speakers are properly designed. Making it fit above the TV seems to matter more to some companies, rather than actually having it sound good.
I'm with sugarbrie on this. Many need the best and that's ok.---I'm a 2ch guy.--- My mismatched center doesn't go that low so there's less mismatch in that area. To me good clear dialog is #1. I have Wilsons and their center is more money than the importance of matching;to me.
Thanks for the input guys. Big help.

Sounds like the Maggies won't work for me since a lot of the time I'll be sitting off axis. I thought planars worked fine left to right but suffered in the vertical domain (i.e. if standing up). I think it was the 6 moons review that seemed to reinforce the off-axis behavior as a strength rather than a weakness. Limited dynamics would be an issue though.

Seems like there's some differing opinions on the Gallo/Orb design types. Might have to let my ears make that decision, or I might just run Paradigm Atoms all around (or maybe incorporate their center speaker which looks good to me since the mid lies beneath the tweeter, which I have found to be a superior setup for center channel duty).

Thanks again for all the help.
Consider two centers? You can run a Y out from your pre-amp or receiver to incorporate dual centers. This will fill more area. However, you may get cancellation problems...
Merlin TSM-MX is relatively compact & is very clear with dialog-- my key criterion for CC.
Mirage Omnisat v2 or Nanosat, or the center channel version of either. They're all very small and omnipolar, which means you get wide coverage from a very small speaker. Center channel clarity does NOT suffer, however. Their midrange is exemplary, the synthetic enclosures with non-parallel lines avoid boxy resonances, and the Omnisats are linear down to 70 Hz for an easy and safe handoff to the sub. Power handling of 150-175 watts, too.

Check 'em out here.
Well, I guess I'm the only one who has a Gallo as center, so I get to be the "authority" this time [smile]. I'm using a Due as my center (with Ref 3.1s for Fronts and more Dues in the Rear) and I think it sounds *great*. Those little speakers do NOT sound thin at all, and are VERY good on dialogue.

I do recommned, however, going with a "matched" setup if you can. By having the Gallos all the way around, I get a very smooth transition from one speaker to the next. This replaces a 3/5 Paradigm system (Studio 80s in Front, CC350 Center, and Infinitys in the Rear) and solidly kicks that setup's ass.

The Due is a very good center channel speaker. There is a pair on Audiogon for $750 right now...

Another vote for Gallo here. I bought my sister a pair of Paradigm Atom's, because she wanted a good small speaker. They sound like cheap box speakers compared to even the Micro's. Buy the best Gallo's you can for your front three. You won't be dissapointed unless you are looking for ultimate loudness and dynamics. Those small drivers can only do so much. If you can get into the Due even better.
I my opinion, a full range speaker for the center channel is a must. Too much information(sound) comes from the center channel to go small. I think the best sound comes from all three front speakers being identical. I have tried several versions of small centers (it does have wife appeal)but always came back to a large full size speaker. I now have 4 center speaker collecting dust in a closet. I am currntly using a Klipsch Belle as a center speaker and klipshorns for the L/R. I am partial to big speakers!
Check out the ERA's. They have a few models from very small to moderately small and have great bass for such a small speaker. You can get the front three for around $1000 and they sound great.