Good Sounding Records

AS you know not all records sound good. I have been going through my collection and weeding out the bad sounding records. These are the ones that sounds like tin cans, no life, no body to the music and no sound stage what so ever. The good ones are opposite to that, and is very pleasing to listen to. I hate synthesizers. I realize that they were used mostly in the 1980's recordings, and as soon as I hear a record with synthesizer, I put it in the bin. If you listen to Jazz, R & B, Soft Rock, and Reggae music, can you share the titles of some good recorded LP in your collection?
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rather than throw music in the trash, give it to someone who appreciates it, or donate to a charity. one man's lifeless is another man's best memories.

I did not mean that I literally throw the records in the trash. I actually put them into a pile with the intention of donate them to the Goodwill store or Salvation Army. I do agree that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Because I have come across some records at the Goodwill store that I consider to be gems.
i didn't think so, but 'just in case'...if you like van morrison, the new moondance and astral weeks are great....don't laugh, but the bee gee's box of their first three albums is extraordinary too.