Good sounding oldies CD of 60,'s 70's 80's

I may be asking for the impossible but has anyone recently purchased an oldies collection of the decades indicated above that sounds good because of excellent remastering?? I cannot cite titles but "Sister Christian" is a must selection; as is, "Jessie's Girl" (Rick Springfield) "My Green Tamborine" "Bus Stop" (The Hollies) possibly a few Hall and Oates( don't necessarily want to buy a greatest hits collection of their music.

Sometimes you can walk into a store and they are playing either a home made tape or CD, or professional collection of oldies that shakes the cobwebs from brain and you say:" I have not heard that in 25 years"

Please no Elvis, Big Booper, Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, etc.

BTW, Don't have a tuner, don't want one because FM broadcasting blows, and I am not into audio filing or downstreaming music. Thank you
Search for "Casey Kasem music cds". They have very good sound. Amazon.
I have found most of the decade specific compilations to be lacking, usually because that are label specific (i.e.: only the hits from the Columbia catalog). You may have better success putting together your own compilation from iTunes. You will be able to preview the songs before you download them and you can then burn your playlist(s) to a CD.

The best sounding greatest hits packages are usually band specific, like Blood Sweat & Tears Greatest Hits. A great sounding compilation of little known songs from the 60's is Nuggets .

There are some of the British compilations such as 'Troubadours of Folk' and 'Troubadours, The Essential Album' that I found pretty decent sounding, as well.

Thanks guys. I will checked out Amazon's catalogue of both.