good sounding low price speaker w/ front bass port

I am looking for a good sounding monitor speaker with a front bass port to match with a decco for my digital files.
Look at Triangle Titus
Other good choices with front firing port - Wharfedale Diamond 9.2, Usher S-520, B&W 685
Second Triangle Titus (202)
Usher S-520.
not sure what you want to spend but Usher Be-718's are front ported...more info would be helpful.
KEF's work well and are often very inexpensive.
sorry for lack of information i really do not want to spend more than $500 for the speakers. It is basically to play digital files when i am in the basement working out. I have a small area set aside so i want a front ported speaker to put the speakers close to the wall. i also figured on monitors so i could be more flexible in placement than with towers. hope this helps
Not sure on the port configuration, or if it's a sealed design, but I have heard the Silverline Audio Minuet placed near a wall on furniture (as opposed to a stand), and they sounded fantastic, IMHO. $600 list the pair, but often sold here for less.
Try Rega R1's (I have R3's that I love - extremely open, full, and natural). They are front ported and the Decco should drive them no problem. I like and own the Ushers but they would not be as easy to drive.
I plan to give one of the Peachtree hybrid integrateds with DAC consideration for use in my second two channel A/V system with the Triangle Titus 202s + M&K sub when the time comes to replace my current 70's vintage Yamaha receiver that I currently use to wonderful effect there. It has an awesome phono section that will be costly to replace and sounds absolutely fabulous with the Triangles overall.
"i really do not want to spend more than $500 for the speakers"

There are many excellent front ported speakers available in this price range right now:

Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 - discontinued but available from Internet dealers for under $300 new, or much less used, great all-rounder

Usher S-520 - $479/pr. new, good for rock

B&W 685 - $650/pr. new, another alternative could be a used pair of old English built B&W 601's or 602's, preferably S2 or S3 designation, for much much less than $500 used

PSB Image B15 - $379 new, another good all rounder

Paradigm Titan v.5 - under $400 new from Internet dealers, almost full range

Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 - $450 new, sound expensive

Epos ELS3 - $399 new, not front ported but sound really, really good.

These are all very competent speakers and I think would pair well with the Decco for near wall placement. Many of these are the larger version of the companies' bookshelf speakers because it is difficult to squeeze a port on the face of a smaller speaker. While these larger "bookshelf" speakers will be more efficient, most of these boxes are pretty deep - something to consider if attempting to actually place on any bookshelf less than 12" deep. If space is a serious issue, I might recommend the Epos ELS3 or the Paradigm Atom Monitor in place of the company's Titan.

Good luck.
Also again consider the Triangle Titus 202 if space is a consideration.

These things are tiny and front ported and fit within the top compartments of my two audio stands hiden behind a flip open front cover door. You would never guess how tiny these things are when you hear them. The sound is not full range of course, but it is exceptional well beyond its miniscule size. They are the most transparent sounding speakers I have ever owned, in teh same league as OHM, more so than Dynaudio and B&W and were the first box speakers I owned that could match the transparency even of properly set up Maggies.

Don't misconstrue my lack of recommendation as a vote against the Triangles Titus. I have simply not heard them yet and can't offer an opinion one way or the other. They are well reviewed here and by the audio press, so I would suggest you take Mapman and others advice and consider them as well.
thanks to all for the helpful information. I will consider every suggestion when making my decision.
I forgot one worth looking at:

Focal JM Lab Chorus 705V Monitor Loudspeaker - $495 new, very efficient.