Good Sounding Inexpensive Phono Preamp?

I need a phono preamp and have looked at the Sumiko Phono box, NAD PP-2, and Parasound. They are all around $100-$150. Any thoughts or comments. My guess is at this price range they are all about the same.
Creek also makes a decent phono preamp in this price range, and there is also a small unit from England called the Gram Amp which has gotten positive reviews. However, if your budget will stretch a bit, I'd explore buying a used Lehmann Audio Black Cube. The earlier versions of this phono preamp were quite highly regarded by a number of reviewers, and can be purchased used for around $300-350. (The newer SE version, with the expanded power supply, is a better unit, but costs about $250 more.)

Honesty compels me to say that I am not totally impartial here. I own the Black Cube SE, and have been extremely pleased with it. However, I think the Black Cube is better suited for use with either moving magnet cartridges (3-6 mV), or high output moving coils (in the 1 - 1.5 mV range).

For other ideas about phono preamps, you might go to the following link to Audio Advisor's Web site:
Those will all do the job. I think that you might also look at the Hagerman Bugle. It can be battery powered or with an optional power supply. Hagerman build some nice phono stages.
I'm really really happy with my Channel Islands (CI Audio) VPP-1. Audiogon user "underwoodwally" sells them - call for pricing (unit is under $300). It was an enormous improvement over the Parasound P/PH100 I used to own.
Research the following company/products online (reviews @ TNT, etc.).
I have owned both the Creek OBH-8, Acurus P-10 and the Musical Fidelity X-LP. The Creek and MF are commonly available on this site for under $150.00 used. The Musical Fidelity is the much better phono preamp, allows use of MM or MC cartridges and the power supply can be upgraded. Highly recommended. If you want to stretch, vintage tube preamps from Audible Illusions, Precision Fidelity, Counterpoint, CJ and Musical Fidelity start at around $300.00 and have just great phono stages built in.
I have the Sumiko. Works great, no problem. I'll throw this in for good measure: they all sound the same!
I would go w/the Sumiko. Sounds excellent and is always powered up for optimal performance.
The best sounding one I have had is the Clearaudio Micro Basic!! An incredible value with outboard power supply for around 300.00
Check out
here is the link for the microbasic
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The current issue of HiFi+ magazine reviews 7 or 8 phono preamps, with a wide range of prices. Although the critiques are not in depth, they are useful and worth reading. The reviews cover the Project Phono Box, Rega Fono, Lehmann Audio Black Cube, GSP Audio Era Gold, Benz-Micro Lukaschek PP-1, Plinius Jarrah, Tom Evans Microgroove, and Trigon Vanguard.