good sounding cd's

hi again a'goners. ok, heres my question/dilemna?! just about got my system teaked out, new pc, upgraded cdp. while most of my cd's sound good, others just sound awesome, like what you expect them all to sound like with the money invested. case in point: john fogerty's "revival" cd. another one is johnny a's "get inside". anyone have any suggestions on really great sounding music out there in the blues, blues/rock, fusion genre? thanks again.
My best one is Neil Young, Live at Massey Hall and I'm fond of any XRCD recorded music (alot of fakes of XRCD's out there -- I only order from JVC/FIM).

My look into the revival CD.
Here are some CDs I always use to audition speakers:

From Australia:

Midnight Oil, Earth and Sun and Moon
Paul Kelly, May, 1992
Nick Cave, The Boatman's Call
Crowded House: Woodface

Alternative/Americana Country:

Dave Matthews, Busted Stuff
Weezer, Weezer (deluxe edition)
Chris Isaak, Baja Sessions
Dave Alvin, King of California
Steve Earle, Jerusalem
Los Lobos: Kiko, and Good Morning Aztlan


Gotan Project: Lunatico


Bebel Gilberto, Tanto Tempo


Corinne Bailey Rae, Corinne Bailey Rae
Richard Hawley, Coles Corner
Radiohead, OK Computer
PJ Harvey, Stories from the Cities
With your tastes, I think you would find:

Willy Porter - Across a Wire (live), superb

He is an amazing guitarist and kind of under the radar.

This CD always has me questioning my devotion to SACD as always a cleary superior medium.

Have Fun!
Check out some of Junior Wells Telarc releases
Back Door Slam - Roll Away - BEST recording of rock, plus fantastic blues/rock, and the singer/guitar player can actually sing!
Dave Matthews - Under the Table Dreaming
Bettye LaVette - I Got My Own Hell to Raise
Floratone - Floratone
Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions


Bruce Cockburn - Nothing but a Burning Light

Not sure if this last one is still being sold new, but it is a gem with Booker T. Jones, Jim Keltner, Edgar Meyer, Mark O'Conner, T-Bone Burnett, Jackson Browne and Sam Phillips among others, with Burnett doing some sparse and haunting production work.

One last idea, the musical material on the Stereophile test CDs is fantastic and really well recorded. Make a custom CD of just the musical cuts and then sit back and explore what your system can do...
Dire Straits- On every Street
Alice in Chains- Unplugged.
We did this already.
Try these. They are all fantastic sounding! They all have fantastic music as well!

Keb' Mo'- Suitcase
Jake Shimabukuro - Dragon
Madeiline Peyroux - Careless Love
Eva Cassidy - Live At Blues Alley
Sam Cooke - Night Beat
I assume that you are looking for material that is really layered, well placed, lots of black around each voice and instrument. In short great production.

All The Road Running with Mark Knopfler and EmmyLou Harris

Am waiting for the new Cowboy Junkies CD to arrive - from the previews I have heard its a stunner.

I agree with Bongofury that Baja Sessions from Chris Isaak is also very well done.

Clapton's Riding With The King (with BB King)should do it
for you

A simply great album is Maria Muldaur's A Woman Alone With The Blues
Fogerty's "Blue Moon Swamp", at least the later release with two bonus tracks, has top notch sound quality as good as I've heard on a pop/rock CD and the music is absolutely fantastic from start to finish. A true gem of a CD recording! I just listened to it immediately after "Gaucho" by Steely Dan on vinyl and it was clearly in the same league in regards to sound quality

So now my question is are there any remastered versions of original Creedence material that can come close to "Blue Moon Swamp" in terms of sound quality?

I have several original vinyl copies that suffer greatly from limited dynamic and frequency range and an original issue (not remastered)CD copy of "Green River" that is also quite limited.
Willie Dixon, I Am The Blues, MFSL Original Master Recordings. This was originally recorded in 1970 and features Sunnyland Slim on Piano. I'm not sure what label it was originally issued on, but the CD has the Columbia logo on it. It does not sound like an old blues record at all - other than the performance. The production sounds more like a good jazz recording. The music is, of coure, excellent. Mr. Dixon made a record of songs he had written but that wider audiences knew mostly from hearing 60's rock and roll covers by white bands. It includes: Back Door Man, Seventh Son, You Shook Me, Little Red Rooster and others. If you can find the MSFL version it is well worth having.
My reference-
Jamie Cullum- Twentysomething. Play it loud!!!