Good sounding 70's live LPs...

I have CHeap trick live @ Budokan, Frampton live, Trower live, Traffic live...any really good sounding live lps from this era? I find the bass to be very muddy from older live lps?
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Don't know if it is 70's, but Deep Purple Made in Japan is great. I also think Bob Seger "Live Bullet" is very good. I will have to think about this some more.
If you're into progressive jazz, check out Brand X's "Livestock" (with Phil Collins). Outstanding live recording from the 70s. Joni Mitchell's "Miles of Aisles" is also excellent, but obviously not a rocker.
There's a nice one by the Allman Brothers... at the Fillmore, I think.
The 1978 double album "Waiting For Columbus" by Little Feat is one of the best, if not the best, live recordings.

Even the MOFI copy is decent but the original pressing on Warner Brothers is spectacular and the one to own.
Good bass from live albums (vinyl) of the 70s includes:

ZZ Top - Fandango
Brand X - Livestock
Genesis - Seconds Out
Supertramp - Paris
Albert King - Blues Power
Outlaws - Bring It Back Alive
The Who - Live At Leeds (new remastered from Classic)
King Crimson - Red

From the 80s:
Peter Gabriel - Plays Live

I'm sure I'll think of a few more
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Lynyrd Skynyrd "One More From The Road"
Little Feat "Waiting For Columbus"
Live doesn't get much better...
I have a WLP of Van Morrison's It's Too Late to Stop Now that sounds AMAZING. It's the only live album I've heard that almost made me forget I was listening to a record.
Yes I agree that Paris from Supertramp is one great 70's live Lp set. I also like Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains the same LP set. It's not the best recorded live album but the music was great.
I have to say that the Supertramp Live in Paris and the Allman brothers band, Live the Philmore East (classic 200gram) are one of the best live LP's I have heard. I need to dog out the waiting for Columbus by Little Feat and give that a spin.
Bowie Live...outstanding album on many counts. Get it, put on "Cracked Actor", and crank it up. This and Allman Bros. Line at Filmore East...the best of the best.
"Bob Marley Live"
Tom Waits, "Nighthawks at the Diner" was recorded live in the studio with an audience and sounds brilliant if that counts...

Neil Young's "Live Rust" and "Rust Never Sleeps" are also good examples of live recording.
Genesis - Live, the earlier tunes
Loggins & Messina - On Stage (2LP), nice retrospective
War - Live (2LP), killer sonics and extended jams
David Bromberg Band - How Late'l You Play Til'? (2LP)
Simon & Garfunkel - Concert In Central Park (2LP) excellent

These should keep your foot tapping for a while...good listening,

The 3-lp 'Yessongs' by Yes is notoriously not well-recorded, but the performances are amazing.
Wally Heider recordings are very good. Marshall Tuckers two live sides from "Where We All Belong" are excellent. So is the music. Way more rock/jammed out tunes averaging 10 minutes long. Brand X "Livestock" is good as mentioned above. Kenwood Dennard plays drums on 3 tracks too in place of Collins. I like "Babylon By Bus" better than "Live" by Marley. I cn't think of any more. Trower live is a great performance but not a good recording. Billy Cobham/George Duke Band "Live in Europe" with a young Scofield and Alphonso Johnson on bass/stick is good.

If you liked Frampton try Live at the Fillmore by Humble Pie.
Also try Maximum Darkness by Man with special guest John Cipolina on Guitar.
Cheap Thrills by Big Brother and the Holding Company.
The box set by The Boss Live 75/85
and one of my favorite obscure recordings One Live Badger/Badger with ex keyboardist from Yes Tony Kaye.
The Grateful Dead live recordings from the era have good sound quality to my ears. But people either seem to like the Dead or to really not like the Dead. Good recordings don't matter if you hate the music.

Jim S.
Agree on the LF Waiting for Columbus. Peter Gabriel Plays live (1983). Anything live by the Neville Brothers.
Here's a guilty pleasure-Uriah Heep "Live". I think it came out in the late 1970s. Black cover with white letters. Bass and kick-drum sound amazing to me. Some of the songs are even good!
I almost forgot The Velvet Underground 1969 Live with Lou Reed. It came out in the 70's. The sound isn't great but it's the best you're ever gonna get for live VU.
thanks...picked up Feat WFC, Supertramp, and ABB Eat a peach! a happy camper...audiogoners rule!
At the Fillmore - Humble Pie
Reckoning - Grateful Dead
Live at the Roxy - Zappa
In New York - Zappa
Live at the El Mocambo - Elvis Costello
Live in the Air Age - BeBop Deluxe
Take No Prisoners - Lou Reed
Live (more or less) - Richard Thompson (I have 5 copies it's that good)
Time Fades Away - Neil Young (one of the few rock live albums I know of that featured all new never before recorded songs)

Can't remember, but I also think this one is from the '70s:

Stations of the Cross - Johnny Thunders

I'm also a big fan of Tom Wait's Nighthawks at the Diner.
Let's see....

Renaissance "Live at Carnegie Hall"
Steeleye Span "Live at Last"
Fairport Convention "Live" and "Farewell, Farewell"
Joan Armatrading - "Stepping Out"
Joni Mitchell - "Miles of Aisles"
Mike Oldfield - damn... cant't think of the name... oh yeah - "Exposed"
Bruce Cockburn "Circles in the Stream"
Lou Reed - Rock & Roll Animal
I can second Audiofeil's recommendation on the live Waiting for Columbus album by Little Feat. I have an orginal Warner Bros. pressing and it is excellent. Also like Genesis' "Seconds Out" live double album at a concert they gave in Paris.--Mrmitch
How does one differentiate a first pressing of "Waiting for Columbus" from a subsequent pressing?

I was looking at this title at a local record store, and I noticed the jackets were slightly different (different colors on the ribbon in the upper left corner that says "Live/Little Feat/Live").