Good small sub.

I need advise on a small sub. just to compliment the full range speaker.I don't need sub 35hz.I like real bass.
REL Stratus III, or for really small (12 inches square) is the REL Q201E. For only $500 the Hsu VTF-2 works well.
I understand the Gallo powered sub is small, sounds good, and comes recommended from people that I really trust!
If you want easy integration and music instead of boom stick with REL and stay away from sunfire.
I had a Klipsch SW 10 II that really sounded great, much
better than the newer models. I've seen SW 10's and 12's
change hands for $300-$400. These models had a great
amplifier and are a good value on the used market.
check out the Phase Technology power 8 sub ...
this is an excellent sub for you situation .. you can check it out on our showcase on audiogon or at

Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 200 Hz Amplifier Power: 100 watt internal servo amp with auto on and level controls Woofer: 8 polypropylene cone with butyl rubber surround Phase Switch: 0/180 degree switchable Crossover Slope: 18 dB/Octave variable low pass, 6 dB high pass Crossover Slope: Variable Control Inputs: High and Low Pass Outputs: Speaker level and line level. Outside Dimensions: 13 H x 11 ½ W x 15 ¾ D Finishes: Ebony ash & Rosewood laminate Shipping Weight: 32

You want "real bass" and small size? Hmm.
The best sub to compliment the full range speaker definitely is REL.
I really like my M&K MX-700. I used to be a double bassist, and I like real bass, too.
I am also a big fan of REL, although even the Strata is not tiny. For really small, but still useful, you can try the Velodyne HGS-10.
Hi Guys,
Mine is an opposite, I like my current Infinity L-20 very much (even though it was discontinued long before. I prefer high frec. more. Help me to find, is there any Stand -alone Tweeter (just like Sub-woofer for Bass) as an optional to one's currrent system ?? HELP....
I recently bought the Velodyne HGS-10. It's not cheap, but it puts out. And it is real small and well built.
35Hz is considered by some to be 'limited' full-range.

You want real (musical) bass? Then one of the most musical no frills no thrills subwoofers out there is the Bag End Infrasub 18 inch subwoofer with a range of 8Hz to 95Hz. I've demo'ed it in my home and was amazed at how tight and musical it was. Almost too tight if than can be so especially for an 18 inch woofer. The only reason I did not go with the Bag End was because I wanted a sub with an auto on/off switch so I stepped down one notch. If I were to do it over again, I would probably get the Bag End for about $1300.

If money is not much of an issue, one of THE subs to buy (besides the Bag End) would be the Aerial Acoustic SW12 12 inch woofer. I have listened to it but not critically. The infinite configuration options, and the extremely positive reviews put the Aerial SW12 right at the top. It retails for about $5200 in Rosewood their most expensive finish but you can probably get one for $4000.

i don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, but "good small sub" is an oxymoron, imo. size matters! ;~) you can't easily (or inexpensively) get around the laws of physics. i like vmps - dollar-for-dollar, the loudest-playing, lowest-frequency-response, lowest-distortion subs on the market.

doug s.

I currently use an NHT SubOne which I like very much. It's reasonably sized. Other you should check out are: Adire Rava and HSU subs.

If you need the sub for music and not home theater, I'd recommend REL - the Strata or the Q series - the most musical, best bang for the buck.