Good Small Speakers for travel set with DTA-100A

I have recently hooked up a Dayton Audio DTA-100a to some vintage New Large Advents in my bedroom system, speakers that had previously been driven by an Adcom GFA-535. Though I am not yet planning to sell off the 535, I am truly surprised and impressed with how good a job the little DTA-100A does.

It seems to me that the DTA-100A would be great as the heart of a travel set. But what speakers might I use to couple with it in that application? I haven't really listened to the Minimus 7s but some people really like them. I am not quite ready to jump on that bandwagon but at the same time don't want to miss out. Are they really that good? They'd be about the right size for a truly portable travel set.

Aside from the Min-7s, what other suggestions would you have for a good-sounding small speakers pair to use with this amp; speakers small enough for travel & that won't break the bank.
My two current favorite small speakers are the Minimus 7 with the crossover mod, and the Era 4. I feel the Era is much better, but also heavier and more expensive.