Good Small Speakers for Rears in Family Room

I have had success with Speakercraft in-wall speakers and Gallo A'Divas, but I have a situation in my family room where I can't use in-wall speakers an my wife does not want large wall mounted ones that impact the aesthetics of the room. She doesn't love the round Gallo types. Any suggestions for rears that are nice sounding, small, and can be mounted and rotated at a 30-60 degree angle?
Any of the NHT bookshelf speakers can be wall mounted using an Omni-mount which uses a ball-and-socket type mount. The SB2 is available in white and responds pretty low. They also have the SuperOne Xu and SuperZero Xu which come with the mounts.
I use NHT SuperOne Xu and SuperZero Xu mounted on the wall rotated at least 30 degrees and tilted down. They sound very good. I purchased white ones, and my walls are off-white. Amazingly, people come into the room and ask where the speakers are.
I just put some Boston Accoustic Micro 130s up and am very pleased with them.
B&K makes some of the best surround and home theater speakers on the market. I am currently using a pair of their SS-150 THX tripoles. For more info about M&K's various models, go to this link: