Good site for hard to find classical used and new

Thought I'd pass on a good site to find out of print and used classical cd's at a great price. As well they can get new cd's only avaliable in the UK. Hancocks and Monk. If you know of any others please let me know, besides Bershire.
tweekerman actually has a pretty good network of used Classical CD sellers. Just search for a new one, and if a used copy is available somewhere, the link will be near the top.

You can also search on eBay for used classical CD's and LP's.
Also try:

I was looking all over for a mono recording recommended in Stereophool and couldn't find it anywhere, but eventually found it hear. It is a wonderful recording of Bethoven's Violin Concerto played by Leonid Kogan on Testament. FANTASTIC performance of that piece!! Wonderful recording...and it's MONO!! Really special. They have a bunch of odd labels (to me) available. My order arrived within 10 days. No fuss, no hidden charges (nothing more than Amazon would add anyway). Worth looking into!
Yo, Tweekerman. What's the web address? Google is stumped. It seems nobody can spell Herbie Hancock without adding an "s".
My BAD! its HANCOCK AND MONKS, the s goes behind the Monks, sorry. The prices are in pounds,I think $1.25 to the pound. The ship fee is maybe alittle expensive, but I got what I could not find anywhere else, its worth the extra. They provide an excellent search service, mention what you are looking for, it may not be on their used site, but do have in their used inventory. I'm confident they can find just about anything, if your mention you'll pay top $, and have patience. I found some Shostakovich/Rozhdestvensky.
Before anyone thinks they're getting a deal, the current exchange rate is one British Pound is $1.62. I was in England about a month ago and the record prices were high given the exchange.
Travis I don't know about adding an "s" but I know that I used to misspell changing "a" on "e" follow?
For outstanding collection of classical music imports try Thousands!
Best yet is They are an aggregator of many music retail sites, you can find A-Z of any music in the world. I've seen some classical vinyl that was extremely rare, at a fair price. This is a great site for vinyl fans. The new disc's are 25% more than your average retail shop. But I did find some used classical disc's,at a fair price, that I could not locate anywhere else. Really suprised me.
Choices are good, if you must have something. But a "fair" prices? Give me a break. Stick with Naxos. By you, $10,000 amp is probably a bargain!
Yes GEMM on new are expensive, but the out of print(cd's) prices are reasonable if its a "must-have" recording, as well some vinyl are low priced.(maybe condition??) But my main source of classical is Tower, for the wonderful offering of the 1 minute "taste" of what to expect, helps me immensely in the choosing!
Not sure if anyone has tried, based in Ottawa, Canada.

Prices are competitive, selection is quite good -- yes they have that aforementioned Kogan/Beethoven CD -- I usually don't have any problems finding what I want (BIS, Chandos, Hyperion, etc)

Good luck :)
Slightly off topic, but Jax2, if you like Leonid Kogan, do everything in your power to acquire his 1950 recording of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto on Arlecchino. Sound is less than optimal (quite listenable though) but the performance is simply second to none. Only Heifetz on Pearl comes close.
Many thanks Gileon!!! I've really been enjoying the Testament/Bethoven, so I will definitley seek out the Tchaikovsky. I've also been enjoying the EMI Vengerov recording of the Ysaye sonata's since seeing him perform here in Seattle. I heard it was written up in one of the hi-end rags recently. I'd highly recommend that one to you as well...a remarkable performance and recording. If you ever get the chance to see him perform live, don't miss it! Thanks for taking the time to post with your advice.
I'm a big fan of Vengerov as well. I just wish in his recordings he could be paired with better conductors.