Good site available to classical music/CD reviews

Is there a good website out there for reliable classical CD music reviews? I've looked at Sterophile's Records to Die For but need something more complete and inclusive. Thanks
Give a shot. The site's name may look familar ... Classics Today is the newsletter that is distributed in Tower Record's Classical department.
Regards, Rich
Music Web has huge collection of reviews, go to opening page below and search or go to individual months in middle of page.........for instance 11/03 has 398 reviews, use alphabetical guide part 2-7 upper left hand side to navigate 11/03 edition.

The reviews focus on performance with little mention of sound quality, but most modern classical Cds are above average sound quality.......historical issues another matter.

There are literally thousands of reviews here.
This one right here! Just ask for the reocmmendation and you will get dozen or so...! No reviewer is better than any of us, sonsumers. We love music too.
Fanfare Magazine is my favorite source of comprehensive and well-considered reviews. The Nov-Dec issue (now) contains the annual listing of the reviewers' favorites for the year.
Fan-Faire is another one: