Good set of speakers for tube amp/preamp

Looking for some advice here. I'm getting into tube equipment and looking for a good set of speakers to use. It will be an ARC LS-22 preamp and ARC VT100MKii power amp. Sources would be an Oppo UDP-203 player, Technics SL1200MK2 turntable(I know, not high end but I like them!), some streaming from Tidal, etc. I'll be listening to all types of music and from what I've read, tubes aren't big on bass. This will be my first experience with tubes. Always been a solid state user.
Any advice or recommendations on a set of speakers would be appreciated. I'd like to keep it around $1500. I don't have a problem with older speakers.
If you are looking for new speakers, Vandersteen 1Ci @ $1350/pair.  A significant step up would be the Model 2 Signature II (used).  I have heard both of these speakers on tubes and it was beautiful!  They produce a the musicians are in the room experience when set up with care.
I like Vandies and an alternative (for which I ultimately sold my 2ce's is Magneplanar).

Audio Research uses them to test their electronics, and they are xlnt speakers at each price point - 1.7i would cost about the same as 1Ci.

I have 3.7i's and use a Sunfire amp and ARC LS 25 Mk II with them.  (Cal Audio CD player now, soon to test the new Oppo 205).
I have never listened to ribbon speakers. How is the bass output on them? I'm by no means a bass junky but I do listen to some music that puts out a good amount.
Just my two cents... quite a coincidence as of late here on agon that I have many of the gear mentioned on the forums. I have a tube integrated amp (Line Magnetic 216ia) and Magnepan MMGs and Vandersteen 2ce Sig II. I have the Vandys paired with the tube amp and it will drive them fine. Sounds great, smooth, warm, engaging and very musical (think Jazz, vocals and acoustic music). I don’t pair the (planar speakers) Magnepan with the tube amp, I think the speakers want to draw too much power. I have those speakers in a secondary system. I can tell you that the ARC gear you have will drive 2ce Sig IIs to glorious sounds, but then again, there are many good speakers out there. It’s an easy choice looking for Vandersteen because he (Richard Vandersteen) has created a great value combined with hi-fi sound in the 2 series for many years.
I neglected to mention that initially the tube gear will be driving a pair of NHT 2.5is until I can get replacements. I know the NHTs are power hungry. Any thoughts on this? Will the VT100 be able to keep up with them? I currently have an ARC LS-3 and ARC 150.2 powering them. 
And thanks all for the input.

Why nobody else mentioned it..but tubes are perfect for reference 3s dulcets or mm decapo. 
The best match with the ARC Vt100 at the $1500 price point is Maggie 1.6 or 1.7. Most will argue that Maggies and tubes don't play well, but the VT100 is one of the exceptions. Either Maggie will be a significant step up from the NHTs.