Good replacement power supply for Pure i20

Hi all. I just bought a Pure I20 to play the musics from my Ipod through my strereo system (DAC + amp). I was wondering if there is a better power cable for it because the original one looks soo cheap. Im sure a good replacement will also bring more audio quality.

I saw this pack option (power supply + huge power cable) but it is soo pricey :®ion=UK¤cy=GBP&pf_id=1833&customer_id=PAA1779048312123UEBOYTIZFSQMOMGM®ion=UK¤cy=GBP&cat_id=Pmaincabl&customer_id=PAA1779048312123UEBOYTIZFSQMOMGM

Let me know if there is another option for that.

Late to the party but ...
While the units you mention certainly would be an improvement over the stock wall wart, it seems a stretch to spend as much on the ps as the entire the unit.
A more price conscious alternative taht would get you AT LEAST 90% of the improvement touted by russ andrews but cost only $20 is offered by mcm electronics and parts express:

Even Bolder Cables acknowledged that this was a reasonable alternative to his units for the Squeezebox.

The best solution without a doubt is the SR3-7.5 from Paul Hynes Design.

I use them for all types of digital.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio