Good replacement for b&w 804 matrix tweeters

I recently obtained a pair of b&w 804 matrix towers. Unfortunately, the tweeters are gone, along with the enclosures for them. I cant afford to purchase new tweeters from B&W, and the enclosures are no longer available. So, i need to find a suitable replacement. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

I wouldn’t change the whole tweeter for something else, they’ll never sound the same.

If your handy you could just replace in internal cone/coil, it’s not that hard, takes around 1/2hr.

I do believe that you can get just replacement diaphragm/coil for them here for $69 they only have 3 left.

Cheers George

I guess I didnt make myself clear. The tweeters are missing, along with the enclosures for them. It looks like they were literally taken off the towers.